1 Person Was Shot at the Inland Center Mall in San Bernardino According to Police

California’s SAN BERNARDINO (KABC) — Law officials reacted quickly after one person was shot at the Inland Center shopping center in San Bernardino on Friday afternoon. The event was not an active shooter scenario, according to the San Bernardino Police Department, and is probably gang-related. The gunshot was described by police as an isolated occurrence.

Around 1 p.m., a brawl happened outside the food court area, according to investigators, and one individual was shot. “The altercation may have been the result of a quarrel. There was no active shooter incident, and there is no reason to think that any mall visitors are in any danger “said the police in a statement.

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The unidentified victim was taken urgently to the hospital. He or she sustained non-life-threatening wounds, according to the police. No other people were hurt. Police have not confirmed whether any arrests have been made or provided information on the gunman or shooters. As a result of the shooting, some mall visitors fled for cover or went into stores to hide.

When Veronica Henson and her granddaughter turned around from inside the mall’s Foot Locker, they saw everyone racing in the direction of the exit. After finding shell casings in the parking lot, San Bernardino police concluded their investigation. Although certain stores were closed and then later reopened, the mall remained open throughout the investigation.

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