2 Teachers Arrested After Mistakenly Entering Wrong Home, Shooting Homeowner

Two physical education Florida teachers are facing charges after being arrested over mistakenly entering a wrong home, believing it was a friend’s after a night out drinking. One of the teachers shot the homeowner after a physical altercation, authorities said.

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Teachers Thought They Entered A Friend’s Home

According to a report by Complex, recently hired P.E. teachers for Sebastian Elementary and Indian River Academy — Darius Cohen and Akkua Hallback — wrongly went inside a home after a night of drinking in Vero Beach, Florida. One of the teachers thought that the house was owned by a friend of his.

The incident happened on Oct. 10 at 4 in the morning. Upon entrance into the home, one of the teachers went into the bed where the homeowner together with his wife and child was asleep. As soon as the homeowner discerned that someone was inside their home, he assisted Cohen and Hallback out of the house.

At the same time, Cohen got into a fight with the homeowner, prompting him to shoot the man, hitting him in the back, while the victim was walking back inside his home. The man survived and suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Teachers Fired From School District

The two P.E teachers were immediately recognized on the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page and were reported to Crime Stoppers.

In a press conference Monday, Indian River County Sherriff Flowers shared what happened.

According to Flowers, Hallback entered a house owned by a woman that he knew while Cohen remained in his car. Just a few hours later, Cohen asked Hallback if he could use the restroom. When Hallback went outside to fetch Cohen, the two men entered the wrong apartment.

Hallback went back into what he thought was the woman’s bed while Cohen headed to use the bathroom.

Indian River County Superintendent David Moore in a statement said that both Cohen and Hallback were fired from the school district.

Cohen is now facing a charge of attempted felony murder while Hallback is facing a charge of possession of a controlled substance. Court record showed that both had no attorney listed for them.

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