3 Adults, 5-Year-Old Daughter Killed In Lake County Car Crash

3 Adults, 5-Year-Old Daughter Killed In Lake County Car Crash

Around midnight on Wednesday, a vehicle carrying four individuals, three adults and one child, collided in Lake County. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a Dodge Durango was going on County Road 561 south of Florida Boys Ranch Road.

According to troopers, the car failed to handle a right-hand curve and left the road. The vehicle eventually came to a stop on a grassy shoulder and collided with a tree. Photos of the crash site outside her home were provided by a neighbour.

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“We’ve seen much too much on this journey. Cars fly down this road, which is extremely dangerous. I believe the speed limit is around 55 miles per hour. Everyone reaches the age of 70 “a neighbour remarked Troopers say it’s too early to estimate how fast the Dodge Durango was driving when it slammed into a tree after failing to make a right-hand curve. The impact on the front end was tremendous.

According to neighbours, the route presents certain difficulties at night due to the 55 mph speed limit, curves in the road, and lack of illumination. “You can’t take your eyes off the road if you don’t know the area because the turns are perilous. It’s quite easy to get off the road “a neighbour remarked

She wants a reduced speed restriction, greater road lighting, and reflectors to identify the road’s twists and turns. Troopers are attempting to establish a link between all of the persons in Durango. According to authorities, all of the occupants of the vehicle died at the site.

A 24-year-old Orlando guy was identified as the driver. A 48-year-old Orlando male and a 23-year-old Orlando woman were confirmed as the adult passengers. Clermont’s 5-year-old girl was the victim. Troopers confirmed there was a child seat in the car this afternoon, but the girl was not in it.

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