5 Best Self-Storage Companies to Move If You Are Worried About Climate Change

Basic self-storage is not always adequate for storing your possessions. Discover the advantages of climate-controlled storage and determine when it is essential. Climate-controlled storage units keep a constant temperature throughout the year. Some units even have improved humidity control. While these choices are more expensive, they can provide more peace of mind while keeping valuables.

Some top self-storage companies in Akron, Ohio are American Storage Centers, Inc., Arlington Self Storage, Evans Ave, and Broadway Self Storage. And the best and largest self-storage companies in the US are Public Storage, Extra Space Storage, LifeStorage, etc.

For many different houses, companies, or yard objects, basic self-storage is adequate. Climate-controlled storage is essential and highly recommended for sensitive items such as collectibles, electronics, or decorative arts. If you’re going to store products like these, you should think about the benefits of a climate-controlled unit, a moisture-controlled unit, or a unit with both capabilities.

So here are the 5 Best Self-storage Companies to Move to If You Are Worried About Climate Change


Public Storage is the world’s largest self-storage firm. It offers hundreds of sites throughout the United States and Europe, boosting the probability that you will discover one that meets your requirements. Aside from regular unit sizes, the company also provides car/RV and commercial storage.

Unit pricing is comparable with industry norms and reflects the local region. Public Storage offers both air-conditioned and climate-controlled storage units which will preserve and store your valuables in perfect conditions.


Extra Space Storage is the second largest owner of self-storage facilities in the United States. They have grown at an enormous speed in the past and now they own over 1,700 branches around the country. They are well-known for providing outstanding services for affordable and reasonable prices, and they have implemented exceptional security measures to ensure that their client’s belongings are secure during the storage term.

When you keep your belongings at an Extra Space Storage facility, you can be confident in one thing that your possessions will be completely protected from theft in Extra Space apartments. With great innovative technology and a variety of measures, it assures the safety of your belongings.


Life Storage Inc. was created in 1982 although it was formerly known as Uncle Bob’s Self Storage. Currently, these men control over 900 stores around the country and offer their consumers only the best services. Because Life Storage prioritizes the needs of its clients, they provide a broad range of services.

One of the benefits of booking a self-storage unit at Life Storage is that you’ll be able to choose a unit with a volume that meets your exact needs. But that’s not all; according to what you wish to keep, these divisions have a variety of climate-controlled options available.

Life Storage provides a variety of alternatives for hiring out climate-controlled apartments. They have recognized that your valuables, such as wooden furniture, metal equipment, and so on, require various types of climate-controlled units. They provide warmed storage units, air-conditioned storage units, and moisture storage units to their customers.


CubeSmart has a range of climate-controlled storage facilities to preserve your belongings in great condition. It offers climate-controlled storage so you can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe. Furthermore, the climate-controlled storage units come in a range of sizes, allowing you to store anything large and small.

CubeSmart is well-known in the storage sector for its low prices and many storage solutions. CubeSmart is the fourth biggest self-storage firm in the country. You’ll also like their excellent customer service and security solutions.


U Haul has evolved to be a multibillion-dollar corporation. The organization offers not just storage but also numerous moving services. Self-storage facilities provide both inside and outside storage, depending on your requirements. You may select a climate-controlled storage unit at U-Haul Storage and receive outstanding services at a low cost. U-Haul is one of the most respected and established firms.

Through sustainability measures, U-Haul Climate Controlled Storage is attempting to assist the environment. Truck sharing is a basic U-Haul sustainability business strategy that allows customers to use a bigger fleet of vehicles than they could access individually. Every U-Haul truck stationed in a neighborhood helps to keep 19 privately owned large-capacity cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, and vans off the road.

When storing objects such as clothing, art, or books, you must select an air-conditioned and moisture unit since these items are sensitive to fungal growth. Your electrical devices and wooden goods, on the other hand, are good in a humid unit.

Because chilly temperatures cause electronic equipment to freeze and wooden goods to break, heated units are perfect for storing them. You never have to stress about your items being exposed to extreme weather since climate-control technology adjusts the temperature inside the unit based on what is stored in it.


If you are keeping your goods for an extended period of time, you must ensure that they are not damaged in any way. Regretfully, your belongings are nearly always vulnerable to damage, particularly if exposed to severe temperatures. In the presence of high humidity, items such as wooden furniture, books, clothing, and so on may begin to grow mould, and your metal equipment may begin to rust.

Furthermore, if the temperature is too low, your metal gadgets will freeze, and if the temperature is too high, the wooden items will shatter. It is always ideal to choose a climate-controlled unit to guarantee that your valuables remain protected and undamaged throughout the storage duration.

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