A Drone Display in Salt Lake City That Combines Technology, Art, and Light

The first-ever public drone show in Salt Lake City took place on Friday night as part of Utah’s sixth annual light art and creative technology festival, which lit up the sky and astounded spectators.

Approximately 150 coordinated drones performed various choreographed aerial patterns as they flew 400 feet above the Salt Lake City County Building.

The ILLUMINATE Festival of the Utah Arts Alliance got underway on Friday night with live music, food and drink, art booths, light art installations, and technological exhibits.

With some indoor events available at The Leonardo, the celebration will continue on Saturday from 5 to 11 p.m. in Liberty Square, 400 South and 200 East in Salt Lake City.


All ages are welcome and there is no charge to enter the festival. According to a press statement from Derek Dyer, executive director of the Utah Arts Alliance, “ILLUMINATE continues to push the frontiers of the interaction of art, light, and technology.”

Our goal is to make creative technology accessible to all members of the community, to encourage both new and seasoned artists to explore the possibilities, and to promote Utah as a hub for innovation.

Drone light shows combine art and technology to create a “wow factor” without polluting the air or making a noise like fireworks do.

A Drone Display in Salt Lake City That Combines Technology

As people look for alternatives to pyrotechnics, innovative technological solutions like drone displays are growing in popularity around the world, according to the statement.

According to Kim Angeli, the festival’s director, the festival’s artistic theme was “Mother Nature in Light.”

In a news release, Angeli stated, “Now is the moment to focus on healing – of ourselves, our communities, and the natural environment that supports our existence as the globe evolves from a period of collective darkness.”


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