A student Who Was Shot And Killed In St. Louis loved Art And Was “Always Smiling.”

Alexandria Bell, 16, was described by friends and a teacher as loving art and having a contagious smile.

A former student opened fire inside Central Visual and Performing Arts High School on Monday morning, killing the sophomore. Alexandria was identified by multiple friends and family members but not by the authorities.

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Andre Bell, Alexandria’s father, who resides in California, said he was still investigating what transpired. I have the same level of knowledge as you, he remarked.

The incident happened early on Monday as a shooter entered the school and shot and killed Alexandria and health instructor Jean Kuczka, who was 19 at the time.

As students walked out of the building with their hands high, police stormed the building and shot and killed Harris.

Around 10:30 a.m., dozens of parents gathered in a Schnucks parking lot nearby in an effort to find their kids.

Keisha Acres, Alexandria’s mother, was one of those parents. Her daughter’s phone location at the time, according to the woman, was still inside the school, and she hadn’t heard from her.

She replied, “I don’t know what occurred, but I just know my kid is missing. “I cannot locate her. Her phone is not being picked up. The call is going directly to voicemail. My baby is missing, and everyone is going.

Acres claimed that her daughter had memorised her mother’s phone number. “Alex would know to call my phone, I know that. She would use any phone to call her mother and tell her she was fine.

The Schnucks parking lot was where students were led following the shooting when sophomore Je’rya Luster and her sister, a freshman named Je’rese Luster, heard Alexandria had passed away.

They said that they have known Alexandria since middle school. Through tears, Je’rya cried out, “I just want her to come back.” She resembled me exactly. All I want is her back.

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When Je’rese Luster and Alexandria saw one other, she claimed they would give each other a secret handshake.

She had a constant smile, Je’rese said. On Monday, a woman sobbing as she went close to the school claimed Alexandria was one of her dancing pupils. The woman requested anonymity.

She described Alexandria as a passionate and talented dancer. She was a lovely young lady, the woman added. She admired art.

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