Accident On I-90 Westbound Today: I-90 is Reopened After Being Shut Down in Both Directions Due to an Accident in Ashtabula County

Here we are talking about an Accident On I-90 Westbound Today, After Being Shut Down in Both Directions Due to an Accident in Ashtabula County.

A vital traffic alert was already issued for drivers in Ashtabula County, where both lanes of I-90 were closed in both directions due to an incident.

I-90 West and I-90 East of Route 7 were open, per ODOT, at 2:12 p.m. The road was closed from State Route 11 to Route 7 when it started at around nine.

Due to the shutdown and incident, Jack Burke, a truck driver, was forced to wait for four hours on I-90. He has 40 years of truck driving experience.

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“This is not the day or the moment to try to fill in time by filling in time. You’ll pay for it afterwards,” he warned Isabel Lawrence of 3News.

It will eventually catch up to you, so slow down—a lot. Additionally, give yourself much more room to halt.

Accident On I-90 Westbound Today

Burke had to take a detour through Ohio’s Conneaut. “The ice was about three inches deep as I passed through Conneaut. Driving over a washboard, that’s how it felt.

For miles, it simply batters you to death. It travelled at a median speed of 5.5 miles per hour.

ODOT first only closed the westbound lanes, but a short while later, they also completed the eastbound side.

The statewide ODOT account tweeted, “Big traffic concerns in extreme NE Ohio where lake effect snow squalls have dropped several inches of snow this morning.”

Drivers had to find a path earlier on Thursday even though the crash’s specifics had not been made public.

Early on Thursday morning, Ashtabula County was declared to be under a level 3 snow emergency; however, the sheriff later narrowed the scope of the warning to only cover regions north of I-90, resulting in the closure of all roads for non-essential travel.

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Most of Northeast Ohio’s other areas are getting little snowfall, but this lake-effect snow event has hardest hit Ashtabula County.

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