After A Fatal Accident, The Westbound Lane Of The Ohio Turnpike Was Reopened

The westbound lanes of the Ohio Turnpike were shut down for a number of hours on Wednesday due to a deadly accident near milepost 223.

Around 11:30 a.m., a six-vehicle collision occurred on the turnpike’s westbound side between Lordstown and Youngstown.

A Canfield fire truck and a turnpike commission vehicle were responding to an unrelated accident, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol Hiram Post.

With its emergency lights on, the fire vehicle came to a stop in the right lane of the highway. Following the fire truck, Karen Zorn, a 27-year-old Maryland resident driving a Nissan SUV, stopped.

A Dodge pickup truck towing two automobiles on a car trailer rear-ended Zorn’s SUV. Zorn was killed when the SUV caught fire after becoming stuck between the trucks.

After A Fatal Accident, The Westbound Lane Of The Ohio Turnpike Was Reopened

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When the pickup truck carrying the autos flipped, it struck two oncoming vehicles.

When the car carrier hit David Heath, 71, of Illinois, his Ford Edge was damaged.

Brian Blevins, 33, and Troy Kolar, 40, two Canfield firemen, were transported to local hospitals with non-life-threatening wounds.

Allen Worley, a 25-year-old Indiana resident who drove the truck that was towing the autos, was transported to St. Elizabeth’s Health Center for medical attention.

The accident is still being looked into.

On Interstate 76, all of the westbound lanes are once again available.

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