Actress Edie McClurg Alleged Victim Of Elder Abuse

Edith Marie McClurg, an American performer, allegedly suffered elder abuse. As well as dementia, the 77-year-old comedian is struggling. The role McClurg played in the iconic 1986 film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is what made her most famous. McClurg’s conservator and Life in Pieces actor Angelique Cabral accused Michael Ramos of taking advantage of McClurg while she was experiencing dementia. Michael Ramos states that Ramos is a “long-time friend” of his.

The conservator for McClurg reportedly said that Ramos tried to marry her, according to court records. The judge has ruled in this case that the man should not consider getting married to the 77-year-old celebrity. Ramos, who is currently living with McClurg, is unemployed and controlling McClurg’s life with his plans despite being fully aware of her medical condition, according to court documents. Her daily activities are being hampered by her severely impaired memory, thinking, and reasoning abilities.

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According to court records obtained by the media, Ramos assaulted McClurg’s caregiver, and Los Angeles Police had previously received a report of the event. The caretaker voiced concern that the man might have sexually assaulted McClurg even though they were not romantically involved, and that the veteran actress might not have been aware of the occurrence because of her health.

A judge had already given Michael Ramos permission to reside with Edie McClurg as her companion. However, in light of this most recent claim, McClurg’s conservatorship representatives have urged with the court to remove the guy from McClurg’s life. On Monday, McClurg filed an application through Angelique Cabral with the Superior Court of California, Los Angeles.

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