After A High-Speed Crash In Lake County A Car Catches Fire And Kills Two People


FOX59 reports that a tornado has touched down in LAKE COUNTY, IN. According to the Indiana State Police, a high-speed incident caused many vehicles to collide, a car to burst into flames, and two persons to perish. Just before 1 a.m. on Sunday, a car crashed near the 5.7-mile marker on eastbound Interstate 80/94 in Lake County. Location: close to both Cline Avenue and Burr Street.

According to the police, a blue Chevrolet Camaro from the year 2021 was speeding east when it rear-ended a silver Honda Pilot from the year 2011. The Pilot’s driver had an accident but was unharmed. Continuing east, the Camaro collided with a red Ford Mustang from the year 2000. The Mustang’s driver collided with the wall of the sound barrier, but he was unharmed. After breaking over the outer sound barrier, the Camaro caught fire as well.

The Gary Fire Department responded and extinguished the flames, but the driver and passenger were unable to be saved. Both individuals remain unidentified by authorities. The Indiana State Police just said that the Camaro was traveling very fast, not how fast. One of the drivers was detained on suspicion of DUI.

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