After an erosion problem irritated neighbors, a new subdivision is facing a $3,500 fine.

Following an outcry from a nearby resident, the developer of a new subdivision is now facing a $3,500 fine.

A single-family home development on Lake Ella Road in Lady Lake was approved in 2019.


Erosion problems have spread into the neighboring Hidden Oaks development as a result of site clearing and grading.

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According to testimony given Tuesday morning before a special magistrate at Lady Lake Town Hall, heavy rains in March caused a serious problem. Storm drains have not been adequately protected, which has resulted in runoff into adjacent development as well.

There is an ongoing erosion problem because of the steep grade of the construction site, an expert witness testified.

Lake Ella Estates’ construction is handled by JMHC. Silt fences were found to be insecure and erosion-control measures like sod and hay bales were not being used. According to the contractor, he or she has taken care of any issues that have been raised.

Perhaps it’s too late.

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According to Special Magistrate Joshua Bills, “the damage is done” if this occurs.


Repetition of violations warranted a fine of $3,500.


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