After The War, Was Itachi’s Name Ever Cleared?

Certain names elicit specific recollections. Sometimes things are good, sometimes they are horrible, and sometimes they are sad. Itachi’s name conjures up horrible recollections for me, particularly his untimely conclusion. However, the two brothers’ closeness brings back fond memories. He was a brave character in Naruto, having witnessed death and destruction from a young age and always thinking about the wellbeing of others.

Let’s start with the character’s beginnings. In a nutshell, I’d want to share a few anime tidbits with you. IMDb gave it an 8.6, My Anime List (MAL) gave it a 7.96, and Crunchyroll gave it a 4.7/5. The anime series is the most popular, while the manga series is a best-seller. The manga is ranked #8 in MAL, while the anime is well-known and well-watched by all anime fans.

The anime is produced by VIZ Media and consists of 220 episodes, each lasting 24 minutes. In addition, the manga has a total of 72 volumes. With a 4.9 out of 5 audience rating, I can only recommend that you watch the anime if you haven’t already. If you’re interested, you may also read the manga.


Naruto was a member of the Uzumnaki clan. He was the clan’s shinobi and was born in the Hidden Leaf village. A nine-tailed fox monster was creating havoc in the village before he was born, according to legend.

To protect the villagers from the savage creature, the clan’s chief killed it and trapped the nine tails inside Naruto, who had just been born. As a result, he gave his life to save the villagers.

Being a nine-tailed fox posed many difficulties for Naruto as he grew up. He had a lot of enemies, but he also had a lot of friends. He attained his aim of becoming a Ninja. As a result, he was given the title of Hokage of Konohagakure in his village. It’s all about the anime here. You may now choose whether to watch the anime or read the manga.

Let us now investigate why Itachi was unable to clear his identity.

Why Isn’t Itachi Referred To As A Hero?

To be clear, Itachi is not an evil being; he is a kind person who only cares about his clanmates and, most importantly, his brother.To protest the harsh treatment, the peasants planned a coup, which Itachi learned about while eavesdropping on them. Dano and Itachi were now both aware of the consequences. And hence discussed that if there is a coup, successful or not, other villagers will join and ultimately it will lead to something bigger and greater like World War.

But when they got to know that anyway stopping the war seemed impossible Shimura gave him the task. Shimure provided him with a choice in order to avoid the conflict. He said since the war cannot be stopped so in order to save his brother Sasuke he must kill his entire clan member, that too by himself.

So, at the age of 13, he slaughtered them all and saved the life of his brother. Later for vengeance, Sasuke himself killed him and sowed the seed in his brother’s heart.

Since nobody was alive to stand as the witness to this entire event nobody knew the reason behind Itachi killing his own people. Moreover, he himself forbade Naruto and asked him to keep this a secret, as he doesn’t want other villagers to come across the truth behind his clan members’ planning of the coup.

So even though we can’t call him a villain he can’t be called a hero either. As he himself was behind the murder of his entire clan and also a part of the decision-maker. As he took the decision to kill the villagers although the cause one way was for good, if not noble. But in the light novel, it is seen that Naruto himself declared him a war hero. As he helps in releasing the Reanimation Jutsu and saves the lives of everyone.

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Where to Watch?

The anime is there on Prime, Netflix, and Crunchyroll.

This is it. You have reached the end. I hope I could answer the question you had. For more follow-ups, interesting facts, and updates stay tuned. We will get back soon with more news and updates.

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