Airlines Cancel Hundreds Of Flights On Monday


For those flying this Memorial Day weekend, it will be another busy getaway. Flight tracking website FlightAware reports that since Friday, more than 6,000 international flights have been cancelled and hundreds more have been delayed. According to FlightAware statistics, 1,640 flights were cancelled on just Sunday, more than 500 of which were domestic, international, or transit flights  Over 300 domestic, international, and international flights were among the 1,228 cancellations as of Monday morning.

With more than 500 domestic and international flights cancelled on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, Delta Air Lines (DAL) is negatively impacted. The airline claimed that it was attempting to cancel flights at least 24 hours in advance, but Saturday’s cancellations were due to inclement weather and “air traffic control measures” that occurred on Friday. On Monday, Delta cancelled 121 flights, or 4% of its scheduled routes.

On Monday, American Airlines cancelled 117 flights, or 3% of its schedule. This weekend’s poor weather in the Southeast and Northeast will result in travel waivers from Delta, according to a statement published online. The company’s website lists the airports that are most impacted, including those in the New York City and Washington, DC areas.

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Over the weekend, 3 million Americans, according to AAA, plan to fly. Delta stated on Thursday that it would be reducing its summer flight schedule. The airline announced that it would discontinue over 100 daily flights, mostly to and from the US and Latin America, from July 1 through August 7. The Chief Customer Experience Officer Allison Ausband wrote in an online post that the operation isn’t always up to the standards that Delta has set for the industry in recent years.

“More than any time in our history, the various factors currently impacting our operation weather and air traffic control, vendor staffing, increased COVID case rates contributing to higher-than-planned unscheduled absences in some work groups are resulting in an operation that isn’t consistently up to the standards Delta has set for the JetBlue announced separately that it would scale back its summer schedule by 8% to 10%. To meet “pilot capacity,” Alaska Airlines cut their schedule by around 2% from January to June.

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