Alita Battle Angel 2 Is Going To Be Back On Our Screens Or Not? Know Here!

Robert Rodriguez hasn’t forgotten about the fans, despite the fact that a sequel to Alita Battle Angel 2 has yet to be made.

In the end, the purpose of telling a narrative is to make people happy. I certainly hope so. It’s “like next level” when people take the time to start a campaign because they’re so impacted by it, he said in an interview with Discussing Film.

Incredibly inspiring, because you did it because you genuinely cared about the subject matter and believed that it was worth the years of effort you’d put in to create it.

Despite the fact that it wasn’t the ideal time to release it, the fans still didn’t let anyone forget that they adored that movie. After some ways, it’s better than having a successful film that no one remembers in six to eight years.

It’s Disney’s decision whether or not Alita: Battle Angel gets a sequel and whether or not it can find room on its full release schedule now that Disney has completed its acquisition of Fox.

Clearly, the movie is meant to be a comprehensive story, even if it doesn’t answer all of our questions completely.

Although she loses her beloved, Hugo, Alita learns more about her own identity and her role in the world, rising to become Motorball champion and getting her chance again in Zalem and Nova’s enigmatic metropolis.

In fact, there is a whole Motorball sequence that didn’t make the final edit. The following is what producer Jon Landau had to say to CinemaBlend: “In an alley, we shot a training session in which Hugo demonstrates the street Motorball for her. The only major scene is the one.”

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