Ancient Apocalypse Release Date: Who Is Graham Hancock In This Series?

Here we are talking about the Ancient Apocalypse Release Date, six different accounts of the demise of some of the greatest civilizations in history are examined in Ancient Apocalypse. Date and timing of Ancient Apocalypse season 1 release: Season 1 of Ancient Apocalypse will debut on November 11, 2022. The majority of fans have been eager to see the movie.

One of the upcoming documentary television shows, Ancient Apocalypse, has garnered a lot of interest from viewers thanks to the season 1 promos. The fans are quite enthusiastic about this show.

The narrator of the film, Alisdair Simpson, is one of the main characters. An anthropologist, Mary Ann Ochotq. Additionally, Kim Lask, Justin Rickert, Patrick Dickinson, and Nicky Blister all served as the series’ directors.

The Cast of Ancient Apocalypse

Tantrik Dixon is the executive producer of the television series Ancient Apocalypse. The series’ top cinematographers are Kevin Board and Danny Cook, while the series’ aligned producer is Peter Flasher.


John Mortal and Louis Poppins handled the editing, and Val Campbell oversaw the production. Justin Wick is the series producer. As for the web series’ art and sound departments, John Harley handles the former and Alice Davies the latter.

The Plot of Ancient Apocalypse

The entire audience of movie fans is eager to see the film. It appears to explain how human accomplishments were undermined over time by the power of nature. Many things that we need to learn from the modern world seem to be explained by the rise and fall of civilization.

Ancient Apocalypse Release Date

Graham Handcock explores the world in search of proof of an enigmatic, long-lost civilization that predates the last ice age. Graham and cock is a prolific writer and author who has produced doesn’t title and return for the times and the guardian. His published work includes the magician of gods America before the key to earth’s lost Civilization and the most recent visionary. However, a lot of Hancock’s ideas are hotly contested, such as the notion that there was once a sophisticated Civilization that vanished 12000 years ago.

And see Hancock, a senior manager of unscripted originals at Netflix, at work with consideration. This is the essential information about the movie, which is currently streaming on websites and will be released on November 11. So that’s it for information about Ancient Apocalypse season 1.

Ancient Apocalypse Release Date

The release date for Ancient Apocalypse is November 11, 2022. Global Netflix subscribers will have access to the English-language TV shows. To investigate a megalithic pyramid that appears to have existed during the last Ice Age, when the island of Java was a sizable landmass known as Sundaland, host Graham Hancock travels to Indonesia. Hancock is searching for traces of an advanced Ice Age society that has vanished.

Who Is Graham Hancock?

Graham Hancock is a well-known British author, journalist, and writer. He was born on August 2, 1950. The Times and The Guardian both published items he wrote. Their 72-year-works, old’s which are based on pseudoscientific theories about ancient society, have made him well known to the public. His work lends credence to the idea that a highly developed society existed 12,000 years ago but has since disappeared.

His books include Visionary: The Definitive Edition of Supernatural, Magician of the Gods: The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth’s Lost Civilization, America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization, and Underworld. He has published 12 volumes that detail his bogus scientific claims despite years of criticism.

Two of the author’s non-fiction books have become international bestsellers: The Sign and the Seal and Fingerprints of the Gods. Around 7 million copies of the author’s works have been sold globally. His well-known writings have been translated into more than 25 different languages.

His work usually incorporates information on ancient cultures, mythology, celestial movements, and historical astrological data. The artwork shows how maternal culture and ancient civilisation are related. He engages with a sizable audience on social media by being quite active there. Both his radio programmes and public speeches have taken place.


How many Episodes there are in Ancient Apocalypse?

Ancient Apocalypse has eight episodes. Hancock claims that the eight episodes of the show took two years to develop and will all be available on Friday, November 22. The tweet has more than 300 retweets, and people are eagerly awaiting the release date.

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