And Just Like That Season 2: Announcement of Release Date, Production, And More

Here we confirm some information about And Just Like That season 2, S*x and the City’s rebooted television series, And Just Like That has begun. In September 2022, Sarah Jessica Parker broke the news by uploading a screenshot of the script to her Instagram account. The 57-year-old actor posted a picture of the episode 201 script cover page and noted that it was for that episode, but she didn’t reveal much further because the title was scrawled out.

When the first season premiered on HBO in December 2021, it brought some much-needed frivolity and Fendi baguette bags into our lives. Sara Ramirez, 47, Parker’s co-star, also posted that the show’s second season is in production.

She earlier posted a picture with scripts and instructions and commented, “Shhhhh… [sic]”. She carried a name card for season two with the name of her character, Che, suggesting that the picture was likely taken at a cast table read. The costumes for the show’s third season have already started to be created, according to the designers.

The hit drama from the 1990s and 2000s that starred Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis concluded with each character settling down with Mr Big (Carrie Bradshaw), Steve Brady (Miranda Hobbes), and Harry Goldenblatt was announced in 2021 to have a follow-up series (Charlotte York).

Following the passing of Big, Bradshaw is seen adjusting to life as a fifty-something single in the first season of the Michael Patrick King-penned series.

Hobbes leaves Brady and moves to Los Angeles with her non-binary comedian partner Che Diaz, and York raises two kids with her ever-adorable partner. Kim Cattrall declined to be a part of the film, although her character Samantha Jones—who now resides in London—is frequently mentioned throughout the revival.

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Has And Just Like That Season 2 been Announced?

Yes! HBO Max announced a second season of the well-liked spinoff on March 21, 2022. The Hollywood Reporter quoted showrunner Michael Patrick King saying, “I am happy and anxious to write more stories about these bright, daring characters – performed by these tremendous, fantastic actors.” In actuality, we’re all ecstatic. Our sexual life has returned, “And Just Like That.”

Before the announcement, there were rumours from actors and producers that fans would be treated to a second, 10-part season after the 10-episode first season concluded in February 2022. The creative meetings haven’t transpired yet, but everyone is feeling optimistic about the project, a source told Page Six.

And Just Like That Season 2

Meanwhile, Casey Bloys, chief programming officer of HBO and HBO Max, stated to Vulture in 2021 that a second season was “definitely a conversation we’ll have—for sure.” However, we haven’t made any decisions or taken any action.

I’ll let these folks decide what they want to do, but I’m pleased with what they’ve accomplished. I’ll admit that you like that in a programme like this. It seems you haven’t missed a beat and are picking up with old acquaintances,’ he continued.

Has Production Of And Just Like That Season 2 Begun?

Yes. Parker shocked her SATC fans in November 2022 when she was photographed sashaying through New York City while donning her classic Vivienne Westwood wedding dress from the first SATC movie.

She stepped out in the West Village while filming the second AJLT instalment wearing the corseted, full-skirted outfit Carrie Bradshaw famously wore in the film’s notorious jilted wedding scene. She was seen exiting a trailer in a picture posted to the official AJLT Instagram page with the message, “Déjà vu?” Since then, many have raced to the comments to express their disbelief. One person asked, “What’s happeninggggggggg?” Another person said, “This dress increased the ante AGAIN [sic].”

A third person posed the question on everyone’s mind: “Is she marrying Aidan?! ” Fans will be aware that Aidan is her sweet ex-boyfriend, who she ended up kissing in the second SATC movie, and whose character is expected to return for season two of AJLT.

One fan wrote that the shoes were different because the previous pair were destroyed when “Big” died. Fans noticed her boots were other than the legendary royal blue Manolo Blahnik Hangisi heels she purchased in the first movie. Parker did style her hair identically, though, and wore a contentious headpiece in the shape of a bird that closely resembled the one her character wore during the first wedding scene.

Parker divided fans earlier this month when she was pictured filming season two in a new attire. A multicoloured striped Marrakshi Life dress, a checkered Vivienne Westwood coat, bright blue Duchessa Giardini boots, a grey fedora hat, and a vintage Pierre Cardin bag made up the actor’s ensemble.

Could Kim Cattrall Appear in And Just Like That Season 2?

Sadly, Cattrall has made it evident that she has no plans to play the same part again. In an interview with Variety, she stated: “That’s a no,” about a prospective comeback to the show. Saying no is a powerful thing. She also admitted declining the initial series several times before participating as Samantha.

“I declined it three times.” She said, “I didn’t think I could do it. I honestly didn’t think I could pull it off at 42. You’re making a mistake here, I eventually said. We completed the pilot, which, while excellent, fell short.

“Then it began to find its way.” Because I’d never done a series before, I didn’t realise that, as in theatre, the more you play the role, the more you add to and change it. One day I recall hearing someone laugh, and I thought, “Wow, that’s amazing.

Sam just cracked a new joke.” Regarding witnessing the present show go on without her, she said, “It’s strange. I’m unsure of how I feel about it. This has a nostalgic quality about it. This doesn’t diminish the enjoyment she previously experienced when playing her SATC persona.

Other than the charming sense of people wanting more, especially at 65, which is uncommon in my line of work, she continued, The fact that I’ve left something behind that I’m so proud of seems strong. I admired her. I adored her to the moon and back. The competition is fierce. Everybody has an idea of the original show. But it feels clean to me.

When will The And Just Like That Season 2 Premier?

The second season’s official release date has not yet been determined, but according to King, streaming should start in the summer of 2023. Even though filming has officially started, Parker admitted in September that it had not yet begun even though the series was back in production.

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She stated: “We haven’t begun shooting” during the September 27, 2022, Hocus Pocus 2 premiere. There have only been a table read.

After the season’s filming wrapped up on November 8, 2021, Parker, Nixon, and Davis announced the first season on January 11, 2021.

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