Android Auto 7.6 Update Is Now Rolling Out Widely

Google is releasing a new update to Android Auto, bringing the app up to version 7.6 for all Android users. While the exact version number varies by device, Android Auto 7.6 is the most recent significant update to the service, arriving around a month after the 7.5 release.

The update began rolling out last week, but as of this weekend, it appears to have been broadly distributed to all users. The Android Auto app comes pre-installed on most recent Android smartphones, however, it receives updates from the Play Store rather than full system updates.

While this software does not enable displaying a car-friendly experience on your phone’s screen, it is required to run the experience in supported vehicles. Need the Android Auto app in order to run Android Auto over a wired or wireless connection. It’s best if the app is up to date.

Sometimes, Android Auto updates will add big new features or fixes to the platform. Other updates are smaller and less important. A significant number increase, such as v8.0, would very probably indicate a big update. A lot of changes made in 0.1 aren’t very big, though.

People have been waiting for a new version of Android Auto for a long time. Version 7.6 doesn’t look like it’s going to get that new look. There’s a good chance that this new update is being pushed out to fix problems with apps like Google Assistant and other parts of the Android Auto experience.

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If we had to guess, it may also be helpful with the rollout of fast replies, which began appearing for beta users last week. Android Auto might already be up to date thanks to the Google Play Store. If not, you can click here to check for updates yourself.

How the Quick Reply Feature for Android Auto Works

When you connect your phone to Android Auto, the rapid reply feature suggests at least one response after Google Assistant reads your message aloud. According to the research, the length of the answer options provided to users ranged from three words to one emoji.

Android Auto 7.6 Is Rolling Out
Android Auto 7.6 Is Rolling Out

The report says that this feature allows you to send suggested replies through your favorite messaging app, as well as to send them. This isn’t the only thing the update adds. It also has a “custom reply” option. Reports say that the option lets you leave a message for Google Assistant to read and then answer by voice instead of waiting for suggestions.

Android Auto apparently received a USB Startup Diagnostics tool last month, which can assist users in identifying damaged connectors. If you want to use the USB Startup Diagnostics Tool, you need to connect the USB cable to both your smartphone and your car. Once paired, the tool determines whether the wire is capable of exchanging data between the head unit and the Android smartphone.

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If the device is unable to transfer data properly, it signifies that either one of the ports is damaged or the cable is unsuitable, resulting in a poor connection with Android Auto in the car.

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