9 Best Anime To Watch If You Love Tokyo Ghoul


Written and illustrated by Sui Ishida, Tokyo Ghoul (Tky Gru) is a popular Japanese dark fantasy manga series. Between September 2011 and September 2014, Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump, a seinen manga magazine, serialized the story, which was then collected into fourteen tank volumes. A prequel series, Tokyo Ghoul, aired in 2013 on Jump Live and was later compiled into a single tank on the book.

Between October 2014 and July 2018, a sequel titled Tokyo Ghoul: was re-ran in Weekly Young Jump. It was compiled in sixteen tanks on books. Fans of the Tokyo Ghoul anime series need another anime to satisfy their human-flesh-eating cravings following the release of the live-action film and the anticipated premiere of Season 3 in 2018. I’ve compiled a list of seven other anime series that share the same dark, grim tone as Tokyo Ghoul.

The protagonist, Ken Kaneki, is a young student assaulted by a female Ghoul and transformed into a half-ghoul. As soon as he learns what’s happened, he’ll have to adjust his food and lifestyle to fit his new circumstances. He fights in a few wars and joins a few different factions before settling down to a quiet life. Tokyo Ghoul is a fantastic example of a gothic anime, and there are plenty of other shows with similar themes and imagery that fans would appreciate.

9 Best Anime To Watch If You Love Tokyo Ghoul

1. Another

It begins in 1972, after Misaki Yomiyama, a student in Room 333, died. The community and the university have been shrouded in gloom since the murder. Years later, a new set of students decided to identify their classmate Mei Misaki as “the one that does not exist.” Still, when new student Kouichi arrives, he disregards the warnings of the other students and draws closer to Mei. Concurrently, he attempts to address a dreadful problem in rooms 3-3.

Another is an excellent option for anyone who enjoyed Tokyo Ghoul because it properly tackles similar dark and scary themes while maintaining a similar mood and tone. While this certainly puts Another in the running for best gore film, it also sets it apart from the competition. What’s more, the series’ protagonists are both blind.

2. Blue Exorcist

This is because the world of Blue Exorcist only exists in two dimensions, making everything appear different than it is. Humans in the first world, called Assiah, are blissfully unaware of the horrors that lurk in the second world, called Gehenna. Demons with great might and evil intentions dwell in Gehenna. Even though it’s forbidden to move between realms, devils can possess creatures in Assiah and use this to their advantage.

To prevent this, a band of exorcists battles these demonic forces. A little kid named Rin carries the stigma of being the devil’s progeny. Rin’s foster father must make the ultimate sacrifice to thwart Satan’s plot and spare Rin’s life.

Both notable characters in this story, like those in Tokyo Ghoul, begin as normal humans before being thrust into the midst of the disasters that stem from the otherworldly realm. Both Tokyo Ghoul and Blue Exorcist have humans fighting off an alien race; in the former’s case, ghouls, and in the latter’s, demons. Their tragedy and struggle against supernatural-like monsters make Blue Exorcist an excellent companion series.

3. Deadman Wonderland

When a strange man in red opens fire on Ganta Igarashi’s classroom, he is thrown into chaos. His innocence is proven false, and he is executed and exiled to Deadman Wonderland. But obviously, this isn’t an ordinary jail. To amuse the park’s paying customers, convicted criminals engage in potentially lethal performances. However, the institution offers more than just its dehumanizing form of entertainment.

The protagonists of Tokyo Ghoul and Deadman Wonderland share numerous traits, including their skills and the level of violence. Like Kaneki, Ganta is a regular kid whose life is turned upside down by something the rest of the world misses, and he and Kaneki are both thrown into a world where they must adapt quickly to survive.

4. Parasyte -The Maxim-

Parasyte – the maxim – depicts alien invaders on Earth as parasites that quickly penetrate civilization by implanting themselves in the minds of unwitting hosts. One of these parasites infects Shinichi Izumi, a high school student, but instead of reaching its target, it settles in Shinichi’s right hand. The parasite is stuck in Shinichi’s body and needs his help to survive. As a result, the two have to learn to live together in a state of constant tension while also learning to fight off parasites that want to wipe out the new threat to their species.

Shinichi and Kaneki are confronted by circumstances that demand decisive, potentially life-altering actions. Both male protagonists were hit by an attack that gave them a superpower that ultimately possessed their entire being. Both must adjust to their new circumstances and learn to make the most of their enhanced powers. After becoming aware of the magnitude of their powers’ effects on others, they suffer a radical transformation in their personality. In the same vein as Tokyo Ghoul, Parasyte sheds light on a previously unknown facet of our existence.

5. Shiki

Shiki narrates the story of the untimely death of a young girl, which heralds the beginning of a vicious pandemic attacking the small village of Sotoba. Ozaki, the town’s doctor, begins questioning the diagnosis and eventually learns the truth. While all is going on, Yuuki, the antisocial teen, is mourning the loss of his best friend, Megumi. Ozaki and Yuuki need to figure out what’s going on in their town before it becomes a vampire graveyard so they can save the people they care about.

Shiki and Tokyo Ghoul are notable because they attempt to humanize the conventional monster by balancing them on the edge of good and evil. As a result, it begs the issue, “should we ignore our loved ones’ hunger for human flesh? ” On top of that, Shiki contributes to the gore genre with its blood splash and vicious action sequences.

6. Pupa

Despite Pupa’s reputation as one of the worst anime series of all time on several websites and among some anime enthusiasts, the series remains essential for anyone with a penchant for blood and guts in their anime.

Utsutsu and his younger sister Yume are the protagonists of Pupa, a heartwarming tale of a brother and sister. An unknown virus called Pupa is contracted by the children during their time in the park. Yume soon develops enormous wings and an insatiable craving for animal or human flesh while her brother learns to heal. Utsutsu gives his life to satisfy his sister Yume’s ravenous appetite and save the world from his evil sister.

For example, Tokyo Ghoul and Pupa’s main characters are driven by an inhuman need for human flesh (though Tokyo Ghoul only eats humans). The two male characters have questionable ties to shadowy groups and the power to rejuvenate. Tokyo Ghoul is maybe 25 minutes longer than Pupa’s four, but it still manages to cram in all the blood and mayhem of its shorter counterpart.

7. Claymore

While Claymore isn’t the finest anime for first-timers, it’s beautiful for seasoned anime lovers thanks to its many parallels to the groundbreaking Tokyo Ghoul. Clare, a female warrior who underwent a process to become a claymore, is the protagonist of this tale. These warriors are Yokai hybrids who use their unique abilities to ward off man-eating monsters and defeat their opponents. Both Clare and Kaneki have similar personalities and face off against creatures with human appearances. Besides sharing a love of horror, mystery, and action, these shows have a lot in common in their approaches to the romantic comedy subgenre.

8. Gantz

Some people think that Tokyo Ghoul is edgy, and if you think that this is a quality that should be praised, then Gantz is another anime you should watch. Gantz is as edgy as it is possible for an anime to be. It features substantial reflection, action, graphic violence, and personal moments.

9. Kabanari Of The Iron Fortress

Kabanari of the Iron Fortress was Wit Studio’s second major success after its breakthrough with Attack on Titan. In the world of this 12-part series, the Industrial Revolution is interrupted by the appearance of a mysterious virus. Only by destroying their bright hearts these infected humans may be slain. Ikoma, a young steam smith, is the protagonist. He is infected by a zombie but manages to escape. Like Kaneki, Ikoma is given new skills after overcoming adversity but must adjust to a society that views him as nothing more than a monster.

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