Anne Gieske Obituary: What Happened To Her?

A big crowd rush that occurred during a Halloween festival in South Korea on Saturday resulted in multiple deaths, including that of a woman from Northern Kentucky. Anne Gieske, a junior in the nursing program at the University of Kentucky, was attending the celebration in South Korea while she was there studying abroad.

The celebration was attended by more than 100,000 people and resulted in the deaths of more than 150 people when the crowd surged and hundreds of people were trampled to death. The University of Kentucky issued a statement on Sunday stating this information.

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According to the president of the university, two further students from the UK were studying overseas at the same time as Gieske, but those students have been reached and are safe. Gieske is also a graduate of the Beechwood Independent Schools in Fort Mitchell, where she studied for a time.


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Her father, Dan Gieske, expressed how absolutely saddened and grieved the family is over the loss of his daughter. He added that she was a shining example that was cherished by everyone. “We beg for your prayers, but we also ask that you respect our privacy,” the statement continued.

The fact that Anne was able to pass away in a condition of sanctifying grace was the final gift she gave to us. We are confident that we shall see her again in the kingdom that God is building.” Officials from Beechwood School District expressed their sympathies to the Gieske family in a statement on the district’s Facebook page. They also mentioned that counselors will be accessible to staff members and students on Monday.

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