Apex Season 15 Patch Notes, Theme, Weapons, New Skins, Maps & All The Latest Updates!

Season 15 of Apex Legends is just around the corner, and along with it comes a slew of exciting improvements, a fresh new map, and a new defensive Legend called Catalyst.

This page serves as a detailed overview of when Season 15 will be live, what the new Legend will be capable of doing, and the additional gameplay aspects that have been put in thanks to the new map!

Apex Season 15 New Theme

Apex Legends: Eclipse seems to be centred around Boreas, the planet where Seer and the new Legend Catalyst live, as well as its broken moon. So, besides the new Legend, Seer will probably be a big part of this season.

Season 10 added Seer as a playable character, but compared to other character releases, not much was said about Seer’s past. We know that he was seen as a bad sign because a meteor hit the moon of his world on the day he was born. After that, all we know for sure is that he liked how dramatic the Apex Games were. So, this interesting character has a lot of untapped potentials, and it looks like players will learn a lot more about him or her in Season 15.

There are also a lot of talks that Eclipse will add a Seer Heirloom to Apex Legends because Season 15 seems to be all about Seer. However, this has not been confirmed.

Apex Season 15 New Weapons?

A screenshot of a player using the Fanatic pistols in the Firing Range in a pre-release version of Apex Legends. Once upon a time, every new Season would bring a new weapon from Respawn. Respawn thinks that the weapon pool is in a very good place right now, so they don’t make as many new weapons as they used to. The CAR SMG was the last weapon to be added to Apex in Season 11.

But it’s not likely that Season 15 will add a new weapon. However, we know from leaks from past seasons that new weapons are in the works. The Nemesis is one of these weapons. It is a burst Assault Rifle like the Hemlok, but it charges up as it kills enemies and becomes a fully automatic weapon when it is fully charged.

Other weapons, like the Fanatic akimbo pistols and the Scorpion C80, a so-called full-auto crossbow, seem to be in the works as well. The Gemini SMG might be the most interesting new weapon we’ve heard about. It’s a pretty normal Energy ammo SMG, but when you carry two of them, one in each weapon slot, your fire rate and handling speed go up. Fascinating!

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New Skins, Battle Pass, and Events for Season 15

Apex Legends will get a new Battle Pass for Season 15, and it will look very cybernetic. It seems to be based on the style of the new Legend, Catalyst, and her techno-witchy vibes. Several of the Apex Games competitors will be able to wear skins that match their new teammates.

Leaks have also confirmed that there will be a Season 15 Collection Event called “Magic Snow Beast” in the game files. This event will give players the chance to get an Epic skin for Horizon, Mad Maggie, Mirage, and Wraith, as well as a Legendary skin for Newcastle.

There will also be a Thematic Event called “Magic Witch” (there seems to be a lot of magic in Season 15! ), which will give players Epic skins for Lifeline, Rampart, Revenant, and Valkyrie, as well as Rare skins for Wraith and the Alternator.

The Latest Apex Map

The name “Broken Moon” has been given to the new map that will be added to Apex Legends during the Season 15 update. This new map, which has been described as a terraforming project on the moon and is on a size comparable to that of World’s Edge, is going to offer a range of settings and topography, some of which will be familiar while others will be alien.

Apex Season 15 New Map
Apex Season 15 New Map

The addition of Zip Rails is one that will have a significant impact on Broken Moon’s gameplay. These are very much like the ziplines that can be found strewn about previous Apex maps, with the exception that these are motorised and actively carry you along their course as you ride them from POI to POI.

When dealing with challenging rotations, or even when you’re just too overwhelmed to focus on one thing at a time, this can be a very helpful approach to moving from one place to another. When using Zip Rails, you have access to all of the same features as you would on zip lines; the only difference is that you will move considerably more quickly!

Apex Season 15 Release Date

We are aware that Respawn Entertainment has not disclosed when the new season of Apex Legends will begin; nonetheless, we are able to determine when the next Battle Pass will become available for purchase by examining the current Battle Pass and the date on which it will expire. There have also been rumours about when it will begin. Taking everything into consideration, the most likely date for the release of Apex Legends Season 15 is the first of November in 2022.

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