Apple Is Working On A New HomePod Launching in 2023

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple wants to introduce a “deluge” of new products this fall and in the first half of 2023. And while many of the allegedly in-development items by the corporation won’t come as much of a surprise, one is intriguing. Gurman claims Apple is getting set to release a new HomePod speaker that will resemble the original 2018 model in both appearance and sound in his most recent Power On email.

You might remember that the HomePod was discontinued by the firm in 2021 without a direct replacement being revealed. Currently, the $99 HomePod mini is the only smart speaker available that includes Siri.
Gurman claims that the new version will have an updated display on top of the speaker that might support multi-touch, as well as Apple’s upcoming S8 chip.

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To put things in perspective, the HomePod small has an S5 chip, indicating the upcoming model will have more computing capability. Apple probably intends to price the speaker more reasonably than it did for the 2018 model. The HomePod was one of the priciest smart speakers available at the time, costing $349, and it never felt like it justified the price.

In addition to a new HomePod, Gurman claims that Apple is also developing at least four new Mac models and an improved version of the AirPods Pro. The complete specifics of Apple’s upcoming product roadmap, which Bloomberg calls “one of the most ambitious” in the company’s recent history, can be seen there.

As reported by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, a new HomePod is on the way. The journalist claims that Apple is preparing a new smart speaker for next year that would resemble the one that was discontinued a year ago in terms of appearance and sound in his most recent Power On newsletter.

Apple Is Working On A New HomePod
Apple Is Working On A New HomePod

This updated HomePod, code-named B620, will utilize the S8 CPU from the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 chip. It’s unknown how differently this CPU will perform from the A8 chip in the original HomePod, despite Gurman claiming in another section of the email that it will have the same characteristics as the 2020 S6 processor from the Apple Watch Series 6.

The S5 chip is found in the HomePod mini, which is significant. About 20 percent faster than the S5 CPU is the S6 processor. As per Gurman’s reporting, The HomePod, code-named B620, will use the same S8 chip going into the watches and will resemble the original HomePod more than a new HomePod tiny in terms of size and audio quality. The top display of the next HomePod will be improved, and multi-touch capabilities have also been mentioned.

Gurman said in a prior report that Apple was developing a device that would combine the Apple TV with the HomePod and resemble the Amazon Echo Show, but that doesn’t appear to be the case in this instance. Despite the fact that users keep purchasing the HomePod tiny and combining it with different speakers, the original HomePod provided a superior audio experience that many people are now missing. Although the cost is yet unknown, Apple won’t charge more than $300, as it did for the first generation.

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