Apple’s WatchOS 9 Public Beta Is Now Available

Apple has made the public betas of iOS 16, iPad OS 16, macOS Ventura, and watchOS 9 available after providing a glimpse of its upcoming software roadmap at WWDC. Here’s what to expect and how to get started with watchOS 9 if you have an Apple Watch that is compatible and want to get a firsthand look. (Though you might need to hold off until the release has fully rolled out.)

Numerous new health and fitness functions are included in WatchOS 9, along with additional methods to customise the watch to your preferences. Advanced running data, new training perspectives, triathlon assistance, and medicine reminders are a few of the standout additions. However, watchOS 9 isn’t yet in its final form. Later this fall, when Apple unveils the Series 8, it will happen (and possibly a new SE and a new rugged Apple Watch).

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As always, there are dangers involved when installing beta software. When compared to a stable software version, some of your programmes might be wacky or the software itself might be unstable. Additionally, some features that have been advertised might not be entirely functional.

Installing public betas on a backup Apple Watch is a smart idea before you start, if you have access to one. There is no going back to watchOS versions before you download and install the watchOS 9 beta. Additionally, you’ll need to download iOS 16’s public beta on the iPhone it’s associated with. You will therefore need to commit to installing beta software on not just one, but two devices.

It’s recommended to hold off until the final, stable release of watchOS 9 if these dangers are above your comfort level. Here’s how to obtain watchOS 9 beta, though, if you’re the daring sort.

  • Verify that your Apple Watch is compatible. You will require a Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, Watch SE, or Series 7 since watchOS 9 no longer supports the Series 3.
  • In the mobile version of Safari, navigate to the Apple beta software page.Using your Apple ID, sign in.
  • Ahead of time, download the iOS 16 beta to your iPhone. This page will show you how to do it.
    After that, select the watchOS 9 tab.
  • Enroll your Apple Watch is the Get Started section’s first option.
  • When prompted, tap Download Profile and choose Allow.
  • The profile should be accessible in the Watch app on your iPhone.
    In the top right corner, select Install.
  • Restart your Apple Watch after entering your iPhone’s passcode.

Go back to the Watch app after that is finished. Tap General under the My Watch tab, then Computer Update
Reminder:The watch must be charged, have at least 50% battery life, and be within Wi-Fi range of your iPhone in order to install the software. There are no other details to add. Once more, some functionalities might not function as you anticipate straight away. If that occurs, try rebooting to see if that resolves the problem. Future beta releases might also include fixes for these bugs, so make sure to update frequently.

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