As much as $25,000 will be available to support youth intervention/prevention programs and other human service programs — fully provided by the Lake County Office of Housing & Community Services in 2022. The grant application deadline of Friday, April 22 has been set. Candidates are therefore advised to apply for only one type of the following grant:

  • Children’s Services Council – Programs for young people focusing on at-risk children and addressing one or more of the following issues: abuse and neglect; after-school and out-of-school programs; mental, physical or behavioural health; subsidized childcare; healthy choices/good decisions.
  • Human Services – Programs that serve at-risk elderly and their families, including those that include one or more of the following need: rental or mortgage assistance; utility assistance; deposits (for utilities and housing); food; achieving economic self-sufficiency; services that assist with independent living for elders and those who are disabled.

All interested parties must submit grant applications before 12:00 pm on June 8.  To request copies of the grant application forms, contact Amy Elliott at 352-742-6561 or, or visit