Are Cara Maria And Paulie Still Together? What Was The Reason of Their Break Up?


If you watch The Challenge on MTV, you’ve got a great shot at finding love — but your chances of keeping it going are low. Some doubted that Paulie Calafiore and Cara Maria Sorbello, who met on Final Reckoning in 2018, would develop into a genuine friendship, but they did. Later that year, they appeared together in War of the Worlds, and in 2019, they returned for a sequel.

That which brings you joy cannot be measured in monetary terms. I was always like, dude, the pay is excellent. I really can’t say no to this. After the December 2019 finale of War of the Worlds 2, she told Us Weekly, “I needed a little vacation for my sanity and happiness, just finding what makes me again and get my light back.” “I’m freaking awesome, so I’m taking a sabbatical so they can make someone else the bad guy next season because I’m not going to be on it!”

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The Challenge: Final Reckoning: Maria And Paulie’s Relationship

While filming The Challenge: Final Reckoning, Paulie and Danielle Maltby crossed paths for the first time. At the time, Paulie was in a relationship with Danielle. After the adultery scandal came to light, Paulie and Danielle ended their relationship, and he soon began dating Cara.

Cara learned much later the same year that Paulie had been unfaithful to her with his previous girlfriend. Cara first denied that the couple had ended their relationship, but the next day, Cara’s ex-boyfriend revealed the news on Instagram Live, despite Cara’s denial.

Cara Maria And Paulie Breakup

The history of Paulie and Cara’s relationship reveals that Cara found out later that year that Paulie had cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend. This revelation came as a shock to Cara. Cara first denied that the couple had ended their relationship, but the next day, Cara’s ex-boyfriend revealed the news on Instagram Live, despite Cara’s denial.

After more than a year of ups and downs, Paulie Calafiore and Cara Maria Sorbello have decided to end their relationship. In a video posted on Instagram Live on October 8, he broke the news to his followers. Paulie remarked that “it’s been a long time coming,” but she and Cara realized that “it’s probably best that we go our ways and remain friends.” “We have nothing but the utmost respect for one another.”

Cara And Paulie’s Relationship

Cara And Paulie's Relationship
Cara And Paulie’s Relationship

Cara and Paulie initially connected in 2018 while working on the set of The Challenge: Final Reckoning. Currently, the two are in the process of hosting their first Ten Escape, a VIP all-inclusive vacation. Since the show’s end, they have seen many highs and lows, but overall, they have been doing quite well. Although they travel a lot, the couple still lives together in the same house in Montana. They have decided that their best option is to have an open relationship.

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Are Cara Maria And Paulie Still Together?

Despite getting off to a rocky start, Maria and Paulie could not resist their attraction when they first met in 2018. The couple got back together in 2019, and soon after they moved in together in Montana.

Their previous breakup occurred in 2018. After completing the task on this series, MTV celebrity Cara and lengthy Big Brother alumnus Paulie started dating. Paulie is a former contestant on Big Brother.

The couple stayed resilient and continued to live together in Montana despite the many obstacles they faced along the way, including the appearance of his ex-girlfriend on the show.

The test goes off without a hitch; Cara holds up her teammate, but Paulie deduces the answer to the riddle and saves the couple. Back at home, though, Paulie tells Cara that she needs to work on her swimming since she is putting the entire U.S. team in danger.

Even though his remarks were fairly even-handed and, more significantly, factual, Cara is angered by them; she elaborates on why she thinks being in a relationship on The Challenge is the worst. On the other hand, Paulie complains about how uncoachable his partner is to the rest of the team. He even doubts whether Cara can win the final or wants to.

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Frequently Ask Questions

In what matter did Paulie warn Cara?

Paulie cautions Cara that her poor swim put the entire U.S. team in danger and she needs to work on her swimming skills.

When did Cara and Paulie meet?

Maria and Paulie met in 2018, and although they didn’t exactly hit it off at first, towards the end of the year, there was no denying the attraction between them.

The Challenge Final Reckoning: Maria And Paulie’s Relationship?

 The couple met while filming The Challenge: Final Reckoning. After the infidelity scandal, Paulie split up with Danielle and started dating Cara.

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