Are Colleen And Matt Still Together: Are Love Is Blind Season 2 Couples Together?

Colleen Reed had a hard time in Season 3 of Love Is Blind because she kept falling for two men who turned her down in the pods. But they say that everything happens for a reason, and in Colleen’s case, getting dumped only gave her time to fall hard for Matt Bolton. The two people got out of the pods together, and when they landed in Malibu, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

In Episode 4, at the cocktail party, they seemed like one of the strongest couples. They were attracted to each other physically, and their conversation went smoothly. While Colleen told Zanab Jaffrey (who ended up with Colleen’s pod ex Cole Barnett) how good the sex was, Matt kept saying over and over that he was “in f*cking love with this woman.”

But Colleen and Matt’s relationship went through some growing pains very quickly. In Episode 5, Matt looked like he was ready to break up with Colleen because he didn’t understand what she and Cole meant when they said they’d be into each other “in the real world.” They eventually got past that problem, but Colleen told Bustle there was more to her conversation with Cole at the pool that we didn’t see.

“There was a lot of talk during that conversation about why Cole and I didn’t get along in the pods,” she says. “A lot of the comments that are shown are me trying to lighten up a very uncomfortable conversation for me.” “And I like to please people, so I was just trying to be nice.” Colleen also says that she has talked to Zanab “a million times” and still loves her, so it’s clear that there’s no bad blood between Cole and Matt’s pod partners.

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In Episode 7, Matt was upset that Colleen went out instead of coming home to meet him. This caused more trouble for the couple. Matt told Bartise, “Tell me how to stay because I’m leaving.” Bartise tried to calm him down. He also wondered if the connection he had made with Colleen was “even real,” and if it would last outside of the show’s “fairytale f*cking land.”

By Episode 10, Matt had talked to his friend Reid about his worries about marriage. He also told Reid that he was called “Two-Date Matt.” His friend told him that his past relationships might have made it hard for him to see things clearly with Colleen. He says, “You felt like you were screwed over, so why wouldn’t you think everything is wrong?” He also said that Matt should marry Colleen if he loves her.

That talk seemed to work because in the final episode of Love Is Blind, which aired on November 9, Colleen and Matt both said “I do.” They said that they don’t live together yet at the reunion. They do stay together at their own homes, though, and plan to move in together soon. Colleen said, “We got married in an unusual way, so we’re doing marriage in an unusual way.” Then, the couple said that they were waiting until their leases were up before looking for a place to live together.

Even though the couple doesn’t live together, they have their own cute routine as a married couple. Even though they fought a few times on the show, Colleen told Bustle that Matt is “the biggest softie” in their relationship now.

“He always talks to me in this little baby voice, which is strange for someone with such a tough exterior,” she says. “He calls me his little squirrel … He is really the nicest and softest person I can find.”

Matt also told Bustle that seeing how hard Colleen works “nonstop” has made their relationship even stronger. “Being there for her and helping her through everything, as well as learning how hard she works, has helped us a lot.”

Are Colleen And Matt Still Together: Are Love Is Blind Season 2 Couples Together?

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