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Arrest made in Eustis sexual assault cold case

Arrest made in Eustis sexual assault cold case

Authorities in Lake County say they have a solved a cold case in which an elderly woman was sexually assaulted during the middle of the night inside her own home.

  • Arrest made in 2-year-old Eustis cold case
  • Man accused of sexually assaulting elderly woman
  • Assault happened during the middle of the night
  • Suspect was already serving 20-year prison sentence

The Eustis Police detective who worked the case over the past two years said it all had to with a DNA sample.

In 2015, police said a woman older than 60 was sexually assaulted and robbed while she slept in her living room on Orange Avenue.

The woman told police that she woke up with a man on top of her. He reportedly grabbed her neck and put a pillow or blanket over her face.

Police said the case went cold for about two years until last month, when the Florida Department of Law Enforcement notified them of a DNA match.

Detectives met with the victim and told her an arrest had been made.

“She started crying, and it felt good giving her that peace of mind that the person who assaulted her two years ago was off the street,” Eustis Officer Jim Franquiz said.

The DNA belongs to 37-year-old Donte McCain, who is already in prison. He was sentenced to about 20 years for armed robbery and attempted kidnapping.

Police said he was required to submit a DNA sample and was entered into the data system CODIS, which discovered the match.

McCain now faces new charges of sexual battery and burglary.

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