Bang Bang Baby Season 2 When Will It Release? Latest Updates 2022

Bang Bang Baby’s creator, Andrea Di Stefano, has not yet confirmed that there will be a second season. If the show’s status will be decided, it will come back on May 30, 2023, which is close to when 1st comes back. What we know about the next season of Andrea Di Stefano’s drama is listed below.

The second season of the 1986 crime show will continue to tell the story of Alice, a young woman from the province of Milan who, when she is sixteen, finds out that she is the heir to a family of “Ndrangheta” mafia members.

Worse yet, Alice finds out that the holy father she thought was dead is still alive and still making trouble that she has to help him get out of. Alice is willing to do anything to protect her new family. She goes into the underworld and lets herself be fascinated by this criminal world because she missed her father’s love as a child.

Bang Bang Baby Season 2 Expected Plot

The story of Bang Bang Baby takes place in the 1980s, with all of the pop cultures of that time. A teenage girl named Alice Giammatteo lived in a village in northern Italy. She was a normal child whose mother raised her without a father. People in her town had a hard time making a living, and their daily routines were very sad.

One day, she finds out that her father still lives in Italy somewhere. She sets out to find Santo Maria, but she gets lost in a maze and finds out that her father was part of a gang. Slowly, she also starts to work for them, which brings a lot of problems.

As of July 2022, the creators haven’t said anything official about what will happen in season 2. So, we can’t tell what will happen next in the story. But we think the show will continue where it left off. We’ll put new information here as soon as we find out more. Keep watching!

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When Will Season 2 of Bang Bang Baby Be Available?

Amazon Prime is scheduled to release the remaining five episodes of Bang Bang Baby Season 1 on May 19, 2022. The first five episodes were made available on April 28, 2022. Fans are waiting impatiently for the rest of Season 1 to be released so they can find out what happens to Alice and the rest of the main cast. Neither the show’s creator nor the production company has provided any new information about whether or not Season 2 of Bang Bang Baby will be renewed, or when it might premiere.

If this crime thriller aimed at young adults continues to do well, Amazon Prime will likely order a second season of it. After the release of the first season in its entirety, sources say the show is currently on hiatus. Thus, Season 2 of Bang Bang Baby has not yet begun filming. For the second season of Bang Bang Baby, fans should aim for April 2023 to July 2023 release date, but only if production on the show gets underway quickly.

As the show’s popularity grows, however, the likelihood that its creator will cancel it after just one season decreases. Stay tuned to Latest Series for future updates and much more information related to web series and movies, and check back here for the latest news on the renewal of season 2.

Bang Bang Baby season 2 Cast

The Bang Bang Baby season 2 cast is listed below.

  • Alice is played by Arianna Becheroni (a teenage girl, who is the central character of the whole series)
  • Nereo is played by Antonio Gerardi.
  • Dora Romano stars as Nonna. Lina
  • Assunta is played by Giorgia Arena.
  • Gaberiella Gianmatteo is played by Lucia Mascino.
  • Santo Barone is played by Adriano Giannini.
  • Rocco is played by Giuseppe De Domenico.
  • Giuseppina is played by Denise Capezza.
  • Leonardo is played by Nicola Nicchi.
  • Zia Memena is played by Katia Greco.

Enea Barozzi, Carmelo Giordano, Pietro Paschini, Christina Andrea Rosamilia, Ernesto Mahieux, Sara Borsarelli, Emiliano Brioschi, Silvia Gallerno, Mattia Sbragia, Barbara Chi Chiarelli, and many others round out the Cast.

Bang Bang Baby Season 2 Cast
Bang Bang Baby Season 2 Cast

Bang Bang Baby Season 2 Trailer 

The first season’s official trailer came out on March 24, 2022, on Amazon Prime Italia’s official YouTube channel. There hasn’t been a second trailer yet.

Where to Watch Bang Bang Baby Season 2?

Currently, you can watch the show online thanks to Amazon Prime, but that could change next season. But rumors suggest that Amazon has the best shot at being the official broadcasting partner.

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