Bee and PuppyCat Season 2 Release Date Status: Confirmed or Not?

Since its inception, animation has come a long way, becoming a formidable storytelling medium. Cartoons, anime, and other forms of animation offer creative leeway that isn’t available in live-action productions. Cartoons like “Steven Universe,” “Over the Garden Wall,” “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” and “BoJack Horseman” are some of the most creative in recent years. Still, there are many excellent programs that are mostly ignored, such as “Bee and Puppycat,” which has a dedicated but small fan base.

Produced and produced by Natasha Allegri, the animated series follows the adventures of a recently unemployed twentysomething lady and the enigmatic creature she befriends. The pair hops on a plane to another world, where they’ll do odd tasks and see the sights together. The first season of “Bee and Puppycat” aired from 2014 to 2016, and the second season is way around seven years after the show’s debut.

Bee and PuppyCat Season 2 Storyline

In “Bee and PuppyCat,” a young woman named Bee (Allyn Rachel) loses her job after she meets a weird creature who is part cat and part dog, hence the name PuppyCat. Bee seems to have no issue following PuppyCat’s gibberish despite his electronic sing-song voice and foreign language. Together, they take on temporary occupations in space, where they see wondrous sights and meet interesting people (and foes).

One of the show’s main appeals is surrealism, mixed with the rich and complicated backstory that can be challenging to grasp at first. We hope this chronology will help you make sense of the intricate plot of “Bee and PuppyCat” and better appreciate the show’s many memorable characters. The timeline for “Bee and PuppyCat” can be found below.

PuppyCat wasn’t always the lovable rascal we know and love today. His real name has been withheld from public view by the writers so far. The origin of his current shape is revealed in the first episode of “Bee and PuppyCat,” but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Bee and PuppyCat
Bee and PuppyCat

It’s not quite clear where PuppyCat came from, but “Funny Lying” helps clear up some of the mystery. PuppyCat, a young human, and his alien pal Violet go to school together in some distant world. Violet defends her friend the young kid by knocking up the instructor and escaping the school with him when the teacher verbally abuses the boy and snatches his favorite toy. She also takes a package of school supplies that were taken from the teacher’s desk.

With her persuasive abilities, Violet persuades the boy to escape with her. After rummaging around in the box, the boy eventually locates a ring and puts it on, at which point an extraordinary event takes place. Powered by the ring’s magic, he now wears a heroic getup, complete with a sweeping cape.

His go-to plaything, a top that spins, eventually balloons to enormous proportions and transforms into a rocket ship. Together with Violet, he boards the ship, ushering in a new period of out-of-the-ordinary activities. Violet then becomes the boy’s co-pilot under his new identity as Space Outlaw.

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Bee and PuppyCat Season 2 Cast And Characters

Allyn Rachel

Allyn Rachel is a famous American actress, writer, and comedian who first gained widespread attention in 2011 thanks to a series of television ads in which she starred in. Couple Time, a web sitcom she and her partner Patrick Carlyle produced, was developed at FOX but ultimately not picked up for a full season.

Kent Osborne

Kent Matthew Osborne is a storyboard artist, actor, producer, and director who works in the film and television industries in the United States.

Tom Kenny

Thomas James Kenny is a well-known actor in the United States. SpongeBob SquarePants and all of its connected media made him famous for providing the voice of the title character.

Other Cast: VOCALOID Oliver, Frank Gibson, Marina Sirtis

Bee and PuppyCat Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of “Bee and Puppycat” is called “Lazy in Space.” The first episode of Season 2 won Best Animated Series at the 2019 Ottawa International Animation Festival (Frederator Studios). As with many other shows, the epidemic caused a delay, along with other considerations.

“Bee and Puppycat: Lazy in Space” will be released on Netflix in 2022. (via Polygon). Netflix also hosts “Castlevania,” thus the two firms already have a business relationship. Netflix hasn’t announced a premiere date for “Bee and Puppycat: Lazy in Space” in 2022.

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Bee and PuppyCat Season 2 Trailer

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