Black Clover Chapter 329 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date And More

As of Black Clover Chapter 329, we have a victor in the struggle between Asta and the Devil King. You can read spoilers in the following parts to find out if this is a boring conclusion for you or not. Lucifero used a magic spell to hold Asta down in the previous chapter. We were treated to some memories of Licita and Liebe from the past. These recollections were concerning Licita’s child and the circumstances behind her decision to leave him.

That she’s not a good mother, she said to Liebe. Lucifero attempted to punch Asta, but he was unable to accomplish so. In the past, Lucifero had seen Licita and Liebe. This time, Lucifero recognized Asta as the son of Licita and tried to assault him, but this time Asta chopped him in two halves. The most important thing is to make sure that Lucifero’s heart is still intact. Having completed his transformation from the devil to the demon, Asta became human again. Asta and Liebe stood before Lucifero as he lay on the ground at the end of the chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 329 Release Date

In accordance with Viz Media’s official publication schedule, Black Clover 329 will be included in this week’s Weekly Shonen Jump issue on Sunday, 10th April 2022, along with other manga releases.

  • The release date of Black Clover 329 is 10 April 2022.
  • Scans of Black Clover 329 from April 7th, 2022
  • Raw Scans for Black Clover Chapter 329

Chapter 329 of Black Clover. Various social media platforms have shared raw scans. The leaked raw scans can be seen in the tweets listed below. As seen in the first tweet, Adrammelech celebrates his victory by clapping and congratulating Asta. As you can see in the second tweet, Yuno is assisting Asta.

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Spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 329

  • “The Devil King and The Boy Without Magic”
  • Lucifero is enraged and claims that he will not be defeated.
  • Asta is saved by Yami and Nacht once more in the midst of a fierce conflict.
  • A counterattack is also being planned.
  • In an attempt to flee to the underworld, Lucifero tries to evade capture. Lucifero is teasingly asked if he is terrified of Asta by Yami.
  • If he can’t win, he can’t lose, since he’s the strongest, Lucifero tells himself.
  • Asta arrives behind Lucifero as he tries to flee.
  • Using conjugation, Yuno teleported behind Lucifero.
  • Asta ends the fight with a bang.
  • Adrammelech claps and congratulates Asta on defeating Lucifero as the story comes to a close.

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