Black Clover Receives Mixed Reaction as it Sets the Stage for the Next Major Devil Threat

Black Clover is laying the groundwork for the next major devil threat with the latest chapter of the series! The Spade Kingdom Raid arc finally comes to an end in Yuki Tabata’s original manga series, as Asta and the others were able to push beyond their limits and reach a new level of power to defeat the Supreme Devil, Lucifero. But as the fight progressed, it became clear that something was wrong with everything. Even the defeat of such a powerful devil raised many questions.

During the Qliphoth ritual’s advent, another powerful devil was revealed to the human world. Adrammelech, a mysterious demon, appeared to sit on the sidelines rather than participate in the fight. In the most recent chapter of the series, this other devil finally made its move, and now it’s setting up for Asta and the others to face their next massive battle. More devils are on their way.

In short, Black Clover’s chapter 330 confirms that Asta was successful in his battle against Lucifero. Adrammelech, on the other hand, swoops in and stands Lucifero’s body and steals the devil’s heart from its chest, making the victory bittersweet. But, of course, this core is what they wanted all along, and it’s clear now that this is why Lucifero didn’t join in the fight in the first place, as Adrammelech reveals it. However, there are now a plethora of additional concerns.

Lucifero’s power did not affect Adrammelech after he emerged from the second underworld gate. However, a lingering threat is hanging over Asta and the others. This new devil freely flies around the human world and prepares for some other major unseen plan now that Lucifero has been defeated. So fans need to keep an eye on what’s next after the teaser that they’ll see Asta again.

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Black Clover Receives Mix Reaction Over Latest Love Confession

Fans of Yuki Tabata’s original manga series, Black Clover, are understandably conflicted about the big romantic confession in the most recent chapter! The Spade Kingdom Raid arc has ended, and fans have seen significant changes in both the series’ action and the characters’ emotional states. However, there has also been a surprising amount of progress in the romance department, with two significant confessions and even Noelle figuring out her true feelings for Asta. One of these confessions has worked so far, however.

Some romantic developments have been frustrating for fans because it’s clear that they won’t be resolved until a long time in the future.

For example, when Charlotte Roselei openly confessed her long-held love for Yami in the latest chapter of the series.

But later revealed that he did not hear the words, which added another chapter to this pile.

This means that, despite her audacity in taking this step, we won’t see how Yami feels about her for some time.

Some Black Cover Fans are Getting Frustrated

Yami Didn’t Hear the Love Confession

Another fan protested against the latest Love Confession

Is Yami Trolling Charlotte?

Some fans are getting tired of this little love battle

That’s all for now.

How do you feel about the much-awaited love confession between Yuri and Charlotte?

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Or what are you expecting to see from the devil next?

Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!


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