Black Lagoon Season 4 Release Date, Is It Coming Or Cancelled? All Updates

For the last seven years, fans have been anticipating the release of Black Lagoon Season 4. They are upset that the next chapters of the fantasy series will not be available to them. It’s one of those programmes where the English dub has become more well-known than the original audio.

The show is unique in that it does not have conventional Shonen action scenes. So, will there be a fourth anime instalment? Here are the most up-to-date details.

The anime series Black Lagoon is produced in Japan. It’s a remake of Rei Hiroe’s action manga series of the same name. The manga’s narrative was converted into an anime by Madhouse Studio, which aired on April 9, 2006.

So far, the studio has published three seasons of the anime, as well as a number of OVA episodes. The third edition, on the other hand, only comprises five episodes. As a consequence, fans are clamouring for more episodes.

Black Lagoon Season 4 Release Date

It is one of the most well-known anime series in recent memory. When it first came out, it was met with a rapturous reception from both fans and reviewers. However, the anime has issues of its own. The animation quality is inconsistent at times, and there are various fan services interspersed within the action scenes, which some viewers find unpleasant. Aside from that, there is nothing negative to say about the show.

As a consequence, it grew a sizable fan base in a short amount of time, and fans are still eagerly anticipating the fourth season.

Despite being one of the most popular series of its time, the fourth season of Black Lagoon has yet to be approved. The show has not been renewed or cancelled by Madhouse Studio or any other of the show’s creators for future editions. However, after seven years of waiting, viewers have begun to raise significant concerns about the show’s survival.

Black Lagoon Season 4: Do Creators Has Enough Souce Material For The Show?

The manga series of Black Lagoon was first serialised in 2002. The good news is that the manga is still being published, albeit it is temporarily on pause. Only 11 volumes with more than 100 chapters have been released by the author in the last 19 years. The chapters up to the ninth volume of the manga series have already been adopted by the first three seasons of the anime series.

As a result, Madhouse Studio only has two volumes to make Black Lagoon Season 4, which is insufficient. At least one more volume will be required to complete Black Lagoon Season 4.

The OVA, or third season as it was dubbed by fans, was released four years later. It’s called Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail, and it aired for nearly a year, from June 27, 2010, to June 22, 2011, with five episodes. The OVA is lengthier than regular anime episodes, clocking in at roughly 33 minutes each episode. While the first two seasons aired on television, the third was only available on video.

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Will the Anime Return for Black Lagoon Season 4?

The anime series received favourable critical reviews for all three seasons, and its viewership was also quite high. It has an excellent score of 8.05 and is rated #135 on MAL in terms of popularity. Despite this, the anime series’ fourth season was never released to the public.

The absence of source material is the primary cause of the delay. Furthermore, the anime’s seven-year absence has become a source of anxiety. As a result, the chances of the fourth season of Black Lagoon are slim.

As a result, fans will have to wait until mangaka Rei Hiroe releases Volume 12 of his magnum opus.

Black Lagoon Season 4 Storyline

Our primary character, a Japanese businessman named Rokuro Okajima, or Rock as he is more generally known, is the centre of the tale. After an incident between his firm and the Black Lagoon pirate mercenary gang, he decided to leave his job as a salaryman and join the group. The bulk of the tale takes place in the fictitious Thai city of Roanapur, which serves as the mercenary group’s centre of operations.

The group includes three more members in addition to him. Dutch, the commander and a former US Navy captain, Revy, the gunslinger known as Two-Hands, and Benny, the electronics expert and navigator Rock must now adjust to his new existence in a metropolis teeming with mercenaries and mafias, where he will work with the other members of The Lagoon Company.

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Black Lagoon Season 4 Trailer

On January 10, 2022, the first trailer for Bel-Air was published. Westbrook Studios and Universal Television are among the Bel-Air production firms, while Peacock is the original network.

According to the teaser, the programme will deal with cultural clashes, class and privilege, and black masculinity. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a remake of the old great sitcom.

The audience may also view the original popular series “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” before seeing Bel-Air. The first episode of the programme aired in September 1990.

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Final Words

It’s been more than a decade since the final season of Black Lagoon was released, as previously stated. Some fans have started to doubt that Black Lagoon Season 4 will ever be released. The source material is the primary issue.

The first three seasons have already covered 9 of the 11 published volumes of the manga, indicating that there are insufficient volumes for the fourth season of Black Lagoon.

The good news is that the manga is still being published. The author took a lot of pauses, which resulted in a lot of gaps in the manga. The manga, on the other hand, has now resumed publishing. As a result, there should be more material for Madhouse to work with if the series is ever picked up again.

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