My Hero Academia Chapter 351 Release Date, Spoilers and Updates

Chapter 351 of My Hero Academia will be released shortly; learn more about the publication date and time, spoilers, story, and where to read the chapter here. My Hero Academia is one of the world’s best adventure manga. The manga came out on July 7, 2014, and so far, there have been 350 chapters. After finishing chapter 350, My Hero Academia fans are eagerly anticipating chapter 351.

My Hero Academia Chapter 351 Release Date and Time, Spoilers, Story, and Where to Read

In the last chapter, we saw Garaki being held in a prison. The plot then flashes back to 11 years ago, when Toya was born, and we learn about Dabi and Toya’s love story. Dabi, according to Garaki, is one of the lads who has it all. Toya awakens four years later, followed by youngsters his age, following a major fire.

He can return home to his parents immediately, but every aspect of him has changed since he was severely burned in the flame. Let’s take a look at Chapter 351 of this manga, which includes spoilers.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 351 Release Date and Time

Chapter 351 of My Hero Academia will be released in English on April 24, 2022, even though the chapters are often released early on the internet. The chapter can be accessed via the Mangaplus website or the Shonen Jump app. You can read the first three and last three chapters for free on the website. The good news is that for a short time, the Shonen Jump app offers free manga reading.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 351 Raw Scans and Spoilers

Chapter 351 of My Hero Academia begins with an explanation of Flashfire Fist. It is a way to get all the heat from one person’s body and release it all at once. Endeavor is the master of this method, but he is limited by the reach of his Quirk, which neither of his sons has.

Dabi and Shoto both charge their Quirks, and Dabi reveals that Shoto is not like their father. In the beginning, he started with little flames and learned by watching Endeavor on TV. His strength is a byproduct of pushing his body’s limitations. Then, as Dabi says, he uses Hell’s Spider to get the heroes out of his way.

Endeavor’s sidekicks try to stop Dabi, but he appears behind Shoto just as the latter is about to use his new move. Dabi argues that despite having the same blood, Shoto has gotten the lion’s share of physique and Quirks, while Toya has been trapped in an unhealthy body.

Toya has overcome more than Shoto has ever known, and as a result, the younger brother is inferior to the older one. Dabi uses Hell’s Spider to attack Shoto and throws him into the side of a large building, which appears to incapacitate him, as he finishes his speech.

Shoto agrees with Dabi’s speech, remembering how he has been endlessly wandering in his hatred and rejection of his father for a long time. But the most important thing is that he is trying to move on from his past. In a flashback, Endeavor is shown calling Shoto and apologizing for having to fight AFO instead of Dabi.

Shoto saw his father’s predicament and reminded him that everyone had a purpose in this fight. Endeavor is fighting AFO alongside other pro-heroes. Shoto’s main goal in life has always been to stop his older brother. As soon as he finishes remembering, Shoto’s move is ready to be put to use.

He propels himself out of the wall and lands in front of Dabi, hitting him with his fire-covered right fist. Shoto’s Flashfire Fist appears very similar to Endeavor’s costume in My Hero Academia chapter 351 raw scans, with the flames spreading around his body giving the image of his father’s suit. Because his quirk is about controlling temperature, it has always been possible for Shoto to use both of his quirks on both sides of his body.

In My Hero Academia chapter 351 raw scans, it isn’t obvious whether Shoto can turn blue with his flames, but it appears less likely. Horikoshi, on the other hand, has not yet given the official name or details of Toya’s quirk. If Dabi has a secret weapon, we’ll find out. Even though Shoto is more likely to win this fight, there is a good probability that either of them will be killed.

The flashback shows that Endeavor isn’t going to help in this fight. This is a fight between Shoto and Toya, and it will continue to be so. Dabi’s body is shown falling apart in the raw scans, making it less likely that Shoto will be able to save his brother, even if he intends to.

However, based on his confession in My Hero Academia chapter 351, it appears that he has surrendered himself to simply stopping Toya and not saving him. When the chapter is available, we’ll have more information to share.


Chapter 351 of the manga may be read on Viz media or the Shonen Jump mobile app. Mangaplus and Mangarock app users will be able to read the next chapter of My Hero Academia. In addition, the manga can be read on the official My Hero Academia platform.

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