Britney Spears Announces “She Is Pregnant” On Instagram

This news was confirmed by a close family friend five months after she was finally freed from a 13-year conservatorship and announced on social media, “I am pregnant!” Britney Spears is expecting her first child. The 40-year-old actress and partner Sam Asghari had their first child together on Monday, she announced on Instagram. “I lost so much weight to go on my Maui trip just to gain it back,” Spears posted with 40 million followers, referring to the couple’s recent Hawaiian getaway. It made me think, “Wow, what happened to my stomach??” No, you’re food pregnant fool!!! “, my husband exclaimed. So I took a pregnancy test, and… uhhhhh well, I’m having a child.

The post, which was accompanied by a stock image from Andrea McClain Photography of a pink teacup and flowers in the same color scheme, got a lot of good wishes from her fans. Some of them also had more questions. Someone said, “Is this a pregnancy announcement? Like, for real?” Spears, on the other hand, was not confused. She even told us what she was going to do in the next few months. She promised herself that “this time I will practice yoga every day.” “Spreading a lot of happiness and love!”

To learn more, The Hollywood Reporter has contacted the representatives of Britney Spears and Ali Asghari. Asghari’s rep, Brandon Cohen at BAC Talent, had no comment, and Spears’s lawyer did not answer as of press time. However, a close friend of the couple revealed that Spears is pregnant. It will be her third child. Spears has two sons with her ex-husband, Jayden, and Preston. Asghari seemed to say it himself on Instagram Monday afternoon. “Marriage and kids are a natural part of a strong relationship filled with love and respect.” Having children and becoming a father is something I have always looked forward to and do not take lightly. “This is the most essential job I’ll ever have.”

On Instagram, she said that she and Asghari were married, but it’s unclear if that’s true because she called him her “husband.” After they were engaged in September of last year, she began referring to him as her husband in her social media posts. The pregnancy announcement comes less than a year after Spears’ shocking testimony in June 2021, during which she indicated her desire to settle down and have more children, saying that her conservatorship included contraception terms and barred her from having more children.

“I would like to progressively move forward, and I want to have the genuine deal. Her conservatorship ended in November after 13 years. “I want to be able to get married and have kids,” she told the judge at the hearing. The IUD is inside of me, and I don’t get pregnant because I have it there. They don’t want me to have children – any more children.” According to Spears, keeping a low profile will help her avoid “paps getting their money shot” of her when she’s pregnant. Furthermore, she said that during an earlier pregnancy, she suffered from perinatal depression, a period of depression that happens during pregnancy or after childbirth. Spears described the situation as “really terrible.” “Thank God, we don’t have to keep that pain a secret.”

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Britney Spears Deletes Her Instagram Account After Posting About Wanting To Be Feared Than Loved.

It looks like Britney Spears is taking a break from social media because recently, the singer turned off her Instagram account. The move comes a day after the singer shared a post in which she talked about how people took advantage of her because she was nice. The singer said that she would rather be “feared” than pitted or loved. The last time Spears was online, she didn’t give her fans any news.

Britney has been enjoying her newfound independence since the end of her conservatorship was announced in November. She has taken to Instagram to publish regular updates on her life, as well as publicly criticize her family. Throughout her journey to Polynesia with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, and the announcement of the publication of her novel, Britney Spears’ Instagram was continuously updated with new content.

When the singer went off Instagram, she didn’t say anything about it, and her fans were left wondering what had happened. According to a source who spoke to US Weekly, “Britney chose to disable her own Instagram,” the singer decided on her own. However, there was no explanation given as to why this was done. A few weeks ago, the singer made headlines for posting a series of nude photos on her Instagram account. In her captions, she talked about how she felt rebellious and free while taking the photos. Also, Britney took a break from Instagram a few months ago because she got into a public fight with her sister Jamie Lynn Spears. Jamie Lynn Spears released her tell-all book, Things I Should Have Said earlier this year.

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