A Student Of Kabale Midland High School Died In A Road Accident

ONA, West Virginia — A Cabell Midland High School student passed away on Thursday after being hit by a car on Interstate 64 not far from the school.

The boy, considered 17 years old, was involved in some sort of fight at the school, according to Cabell County Sheriff Chuck Zerkle, who told MetroNews that at around 2 p.m., his mother arrived to pick him up. Before the car left the school’s grounds, the student, according to Zerkle, leapt and raced toward the freeway, where a Jeep hit him.

He got out of the car and started running, according to Zerkle. He crossed over the school’s grounds near the football field and travelled up the freeway.

Zerkle claimed that when one of his deputies was nearby, they spotted the youngster.

According to Zerkle, the student leapt the guardrail and ran across the highway as the deputy pulled up, hitting him.

At a hospital in Huntington, the student was declared dead.

According to Zerkle, it seemed like he was trying to cross I-64.

“He ran from his mother when he noticed the deputy’s car…

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I would simply presume that he was attempting to cross the freeway and escape from everyone, Zerkle added.

There was no time for the Jeep’s driver to halt. According to Zerkle, the Jeep was rear-ended by a car behind it, causing it to slip and flip over. For a few hours, eastbound traffic was halted.

It’s a horrible circumstance, said Zerkle.

“It’s terrible that a young boy like this experiences anything like this.” It’s terrible because the young lad was handsome, Zerkle stated.

Support personnel would be on hand at the school for pupils on Friday, Cabell County Schools spokeswoman Jedd Flowers told MetroNews. He sent thoughts and prayers to the student’s family and those connected to the institution.

Police in Milton is looking into it.

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