Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Release Date, Maps, Gameplay & All The Latest Updates 2022


A new mobile game and thrilling new features for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer were among the many announcements made during Call of Duty’s Call of Duty: Next event. The latter feature, among other things, has underwater battles, exploding inflatable dummies, and three new game types.

Open beta testing for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer has begun, with the full release scheduled for October 28. Continue reading to learn when the next Call of Duty mobile game will be out and other relevant information.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Gameplay

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile will take place in the same open universe as the PC and console games; this world is known as Verdansk. More information about the game, including its gameplay and story, will be made available in the future.

Likewise, the Gulag, the prison area from which you must escape to continue the game after death, will be included. One hundred and twenty real-life players will be able to skydive onto the area simultaneously, creating a gameplay experience not dissimilar to the original.

Though the game will be played with touch controllers rather than a controller or keyboard and mouse, the essential goal of “surviving the longest” remains the same. The mobile version of Warzone retains many features from the original, including the map, operators, and weaponry. Additional playlists and content will be made available over time, and there will be mobile-specific events.

The new Call of Duty games share a common engine, so your progress and loot may be used across all of them. So, if you unlock a certain pistol in one game, you might be able to use it in others as well.

When will Call of Duty: Warzone for Mobile Come Out?

Activision made the announcement during the online event for its Call of Duty: Next game that the mobile version of Warzone will be published in the year 2023.

Pre-registration for the game is currently available on the Google Play Store for people who own Android phones. However, the release date has not yet been determined. They will be notified as soon as additional information regarding the release is available.

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Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile platforms

As was just said, the mobile version of Call of Duty: Warzone will be accessible on both Android and iOS devices.

Cross-play between the two mobile platforms is going to be available, which is one of the most fascinating aspects.

Will There Be Cross-play and Cross-progression in Warzone Mobile?

It is now impossible to say whether Warzone’s mobile experience will include crossplay with other platforms because the development is still kept fairly secret and there hasn’t been much information revealed about the impending title.

It would make logical that the mobile game will be the same as the main title, therefore we would anticipate Warzone Mobile to support crossplay with PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, however, it is impossible to say for definite whether or not this will be the case.

The “shared progression” function will be available in Warzone Mobile, according to the meta description of the website link.

Warzone Mobile’s Map?

On the other hand, it seems as though this one-of-a-kind layout might just be for testing purposes. In a blog post dated May 11, the developers of Project Auror noted that “the content in the Project Auror Closed Alpha is not final and is subject to modification.” “At this point in time, all we are doing is accessing the game’s large-scale Battle Royale gaming elements on mobile devices.”

As a direct consequence of this, there is a possibility that Warzone Mobile will debut with an entirely fresh map. As more information becomes available, we will be sure to keep you updated on this page.

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