In the New Television Series “Limitless,” Chris Hemsworth Discovers He May Be at Risk For Alzheimer’s Disease

Here we are talking about Chris Hemsworth Discovers he may be at risk is speaking out about some shocking information he discovered while filming his upcoming series, “Limitless.” The “Thor” actor is sharing that he may have a higher risk of acquiring Alzheimer’s than the average population after completing thorough bloodwork for the National Geographic episode showing on Disney+, which pushes his physical and mental fortitude to the ultimate test.

In a scene from the episode on brain health, Hemsworth visits Dr Peter Attia, a specialist in ageing, and undergoes a genetic test. Attia informs the actor that he carries two copies of the apolipoprotein E gene, or APOE4, which is the gene with the highest risk of causing Alzheimer’s disease, according to the National Institute on Aging. Though still in its infancy, genetic testing for Alzheimer’s is not suggested for everyone.

The National Institute on Aging advises against genetic testing for most people since it might result in excessive worry and anxiety. A positive result does not always indicate that you will acquire Alzheimer’s. However, Dr Attia emphasises that everyone can lower their risk of developing Alzheimer’s later in life by choosing good lifestyle choices, regardless of their genetic makeup.

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What is APOE4?

The NIA claims that some genes may make people more likely to acquire dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. APOE4 is the most important of them. According to the NIA, one APOE allele each from their biological parents, about 25% of persons have one copy of APOE4, and 2% to 3% have two copies.

According to one study, Hemsworth has a significantly higher risk of acquiring Alzheimer’s than most people since physicians discovered two copies of the APOE4 gene in his DNA. This means that he received one set of genes from his father and one from his mother.

 Chris Hemsworth Discovers He May Be at Risk

The NIA states that while though APOE4 raises the risk for Alzheimer’s disease and is linked to a younger age of disease beginning, it does not guarantee that a person will get the condition.

In a clip from the show, he expresses his most significant concern, “The concept that I won’t be able to remember the life I’ve experienced, or my wife, my kids, is my biggest fear.” Hemsworth discusses his grandfather’s struggle with Alzheimer’s and how difficult it is in another video clip.

Hemsworth stated, “He is a handsome man. “He either forgets who we are, including his grandchildren, or he even loses track of his children. It’s sad.” According to research, individuals with a first-degree relative with the condition are more likely to develop it, but having a parent or sibling with the disease does not guarantee that someone will get it.

How to protect your brain’s health

While Hemsworth receives the potentially life-changing news in the episode, a doctor emphasises in one segment that the knowledge gained is a blessing and can inspire Hemsworth to take care of his brain health.

In a video, Attia says to Hemsworth, “I believe that if we take every precaution, we can minimise your risk to that of anyone else. Alzheimer’s disease presently has no known cure. Still, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are strategies to lower the chance of developing the disease, such as regular exercise, controlling blood sugar, and maintaining a healthy weight.

The CDC also lists adequate sleep, stopping smoking, and limiting alcohol consumption as additional measures to prevent Alzheimer’s. Hemsworth remarked on “Good Morning America” that it “soon just became another amazing motivator to make some adjustments and provide me with all the skills to live a healthier, better life.”

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I think there are many ways to be motivated to live better, and this one was, “You know, whatever I’m going to do now to benefit and protect myself from brain health will help every area of my health and well-being.”

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