Cisco’s Seamless Webex CarPlay support!

Have you ever wished you could continue a business meeting as you headed home? No? Unfortunately, you will still have that choice. In order to “assist” you continue Webex meetings on your iPhone and through CarPlay, Cisco has created smooth transition options.

By scanning a QR code, Move to Mobile enables you to transfer a call from your desktop to your iPhone, and CarPlay now allows you to carry on a meeting as soon as you plug your iPhone into your car. An upgrade planned in August will give you the opportunity to listen to historical Webex recordings.

You can catch up on a meeting you missed while you’re stuck in traffic, in other words. No matter what meeting you’re listening to, you’ll see your schedule after the call is over. You can join a meeting directly from CarPlay if you’re running late.

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There are practical advantages to these updates. If you work remotely, you can go on errands rather than being confined to your computer. And if you’re back to working in the office, you can still leave early when the team holds a last-minute chat.

Even so, it’s challenging to picture many people getting giddy over seamless Webex calls. After all, there’s a high possibility you consider your automobile a shelter – you probably don’t want work following you on the road.

The future of work is hybrid work, and it is already in existence. The modern workplace is no longer limited to a particular location or gadget. It is adaptable, portable, and connected. Collaboration allows us to work anywhere, at any time, and seamlessly integrate it into our lives.

Through the power of Webex and iOS, we’re excited to announce Move to Mobile, for a seamless transition from desktop to iPhone, as well as updates to Webex on CarPlay. Let me give you a real-life scenario: you take an early Webex Meeting from home, but you need to get on the road to commute to the office.

The transition as you phone in from your iPhone and drop from your Mac has been made simpler. With Move to Mobile integrated into Webex Meetings, switching to your iPhone is as easy as scanning a QR code. No disruption and completely frictionless.

And because you’re hopping in the car, now with Apple CarPlay and Webex Meetings, we’ve made that transition smooth, too. Simply connect your iPhone and voila, your meeting continues! A feature that is exclusive to Webex is the ability to view your upcoming meetings after your call has ended and join directly (in audio-only mode, of course).

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Additionally, you don’t need to look at your phone to stay connected to your meetings! Once you’ve arrived and parked at the office, you may effortlessly continue a meeting on your phone, slip into a conference room and seamlessly transfer the meeting to the Webex device there.

We’ll be expanding the CarPlay connection in August to allow listening to previous Webex recordings, so you can catch up on any meetings you might have missed during the day while stuck in traffic on your way home.

Successful hybrid work means offering flexible, frictionless experiences no matter where employees are working. Earlier this year, Webex by Cisco unveiled the option to use AirPlay on Webex devices, removing the requirement to locate the proper cord or connection while sharing material with coworkers.

We started with an entirely new Webex software for the iPad. Simply establish a wireless connection and share your iPhone, iPad, and Mac’s screen, whether you’re in the same room for a conference or are participating remotely via video chat.

Now, by updating Webex on CarPlay, we’re delivering even more flexibility that today’s workers need and want.

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