Dana Alotaibi Death: Pregnant Woman Stabbed And Killed By Marine Ex-Husband

Crime Online stated that Bryant Tejada Castillo, an active duty Marine, shot and killed his wife Dana Alotaibi last week after an argument on a busy road in the United States. Alotaibi, a 27-year-old pregnant woman, was stabbed to death by her husband in the American state of Hawaii, where she was living.

An ex-Marine serving in Hawaii has been charged with second-degree murder in the stabbing death of his estranged wife, Dana Alotaibi, who was found dead on the side of a busy highway near Honolulu by her estranged husband, Marine Bryant Tejeda-Castillo. The Daily Mail says that the bail for Marine Tejeda-Castillo, a member of the 3rd Littoral Combat Team, has been set at $1 million.

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Marine Allegedly Killed Pregnant, Estranged Wife on Side of the Road

Dana Alotaibi
Dana Alotaibi

Alotaibi, 27, was stabbed many times by Tejeda-Castillo, 29, who had apparently been arguing with the couple prior to the attack. In the meantime, witnesses said that Tejeda-Castillo escaped into the woods, leaving Alotaibi alone. Alotaibi’s condition was apparent to even a witness who claimed to be skilled in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). “You know, obviously while we’re doing CPR, there’s no pulse,” an unidentified witness told KITV4.

There wasn’t a pulse the entire time, and it was just her face—she simply looked beyond the point of no return.” The doctors at the hospital confirmed that Alotaibi had died. According to accounts, Tejeda-Castillo injured himself while being captured by police, and he is currently hospitalized and in detention, according to People.

According to Natalia Cespedes, Alotaibi’s mother, and Tejeda-Castillo, they had been married for about three years at the time of their divorce. According to court papers obtained by KITV, Tejeda-Castillo sought a divorce in November of last year and was given an uncontested divorce in June. According to Alotaibi’s social media postings, she highlighted some of the difficulties of their marriage.

When asked about the incident, the 3rd Marine Littoral Regiment and Marine Corps Base Hawaii said they “will continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies as the events surrounding this incident unfold.” For those affected, “The Marine Corps sends its heartfelt sympathy.”

All of the arrangements had been completed for Alotaibi to return to Virginia, where her mother, Natalia Cespedes, still lives, before she became pregnant, as her mother told KITV. The aim was for Alotaibi to “create her life, and live with her kid” there. The distraught mom is now trying to get her daughter’s body back in the state she grew up in. I can see that my life is empty,” she sighed. In order to help with the costs, she has put up a GoFundMe page.

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