Demi Lovato Facial Injury How Did She Get This Scar?


Demi Lovato, a singer, reportedly sustained a facial injury, according to Washington. According to Billboard, Lovato reportedly suffered injuries just before appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Lovato spoke about the incident for the first time on Wednesday in a TikTok post. Later, she went into great detail regarding the injury on the broadcast.

“I was therefore picking up something that I had fallen on the ground. I love crystals a lot. The largest amethyst I own is roughly this tall. I attempted to stoop down to pick up something, but I didn’t notice the amethyst, so I struck my head and needed three stitches in my face last night “he explained at the age of 29. She went on, “I said, “Hey, I just hit my face,” when I contacted my doctor. Should I get stitches? He then said, “FaceTime me.” We FaceTimed, at which point I said, “I have Kimmel tomorrow.” What should I do? So, before even telling anyone about it, I did what any rational person would do and created a TikTok.”

In a video on TikTok that used one of the app’s most popular audios, Lovato made light of their injury while covering part of their forehead and eye with one hand. The voice on the TikTok clip remarked, “Nobody’s going to know.” Another speaker chimed in, “They’re going to know,” as Lovato held up her palm to show a scar that was slightly bloodied. She mouthed “F-k” in the video. Meanwhile, Lovato recently debuted her brand-new song, “Substance,” which she co-wrote with Oak, Keith Sorrells, Alex Niceforo, Laura Veltz, and Jordan Lutes. Oak, Sorrells, and Niceforo also served as the song’s producers.

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