Democrats’ Plan To Give People Money Back For Buying Gas Is Called A “Disaster” By Republicans

Democratic members of Congress have come up with a plan called a “stimulus check” that would help people who have to pay more for gas and food. Some Republicans have said they don’t want to help people who have to pay more for gas and food. Three House Democrats, Mike Thompson of California, John Larson of Connecticut, and Lauren Underwood of Illinois, came up with a bill on Wednesday that would give Americans a rebate on their energy bills if they meet certain conditions. As long as gas prices are above $4 a gallon in any month across the country, American families would get $100 in rebates and another $100 for each child they have. Republicans didn’t like the Democrats’ plan right away. They said that the federal government should work to stop rising prices and make more fuel at home.

A Republican senator from Tennessee tweeted on Thursday: “Democrats want gasoline “stimulus” checks. They don’t want them.” “If we want to get to the root of the problem instead, we should do that instead. The U.S. should restart the Keystone pipeline, drill for oil and gas at home, and become a net exporter of oil and gas, which is what the country should do now.”

“Democrats’ energy policy is giving away more money that we don’t have,” Rep. Kelly Armstrong, a North Dakota Republican and member of the House Energy and Commerce Energy Subcommittee, told the Daily Caller. “We don’t have the money for that.” He said, “It’s a recipe for disaster.”

When Armstrong said, “Allow us to get the infrastructure down, and we’ll be able to provide energy not just for the United States but for some of our allies who could really use it right now.” Representative Ralph Norman, a South Carolina Republican, slammed Democrats for blaming Russia for high gas prices, which were already high before Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine.

“Democrats won’t take responsibility for crushing American energy, blaming Putin instead and want to send taxpayers just a few hundred bucks of their own money back to them to alleviate the pain Biden’s policies created,” Norman told the Daily Caller. “What a slap in the face,” the congressman said.

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“Two questions about these Stimulus checks for high gas prices: Where’s the money coming from AND are Democrats buying gas or votes?”On Thursday, Lavern Spicer, a Republican candidate for Congress in Florida, tweeted that she was running for Congress.

Newsweek called Nancy Pelosi’s office and asked if Democratic leaders plan to move forward with the plan. The spokesperson didn’t answer right away on Friday. People in the United States and around the world are having a hard time because of inflation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Republicans have said that President Joe Biden and Democrats are to blame because they spent a lot of money on social programs. This has led to higher prices. There was also a bipartisan vote to spend trillions of dollars, and former President Trump did the same in 2020 as well. First, Congress approved $1,200 stimulus checks for most people in March 2020. As lockdowns spread across the country, Congress also approved the first round of checks. When Congress agreed to another round of $600 direct payments for most Americans in December, they did it again. As soon as Vice President Joe Biden was in the White House, Democrats worked hard to pass another round of $1,400 checks for the poor.

The stimulus checks were a big hit, and many people wanted more as the financial effects of the pandemic took hold. has a popular petition that wants the federal government to give every American $2,000 in stimulus checks every month as long as the pandemic is going on. Signed by over 3 million people. Biden and other Democrats have tried to blame the high price of gas on Russia because Putin has taken over Ukraine. As a result of the war, supply chain problems are getting worse and gas prices are expected to rise even more. Before the war, inflation was at a four-decade high. A Kentucky Republican called Vice President Joe Biden out for only blaming inflation on Vladimir Putin.

“Democrats have been spending recklessly, which has caused prices to go up all over the place. This has made people’s pain at the pump even worse. But in the last few days, the Biden administration has tried to come up with some laugh-out-loud history “During a Senate floor speech on March 10, McConnell said that on that day.


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