Denver Brewery Raises Money for the Family of a Former Colorado Resident Who Died in an Accident

A former Coloradan who was visiting Michigan with his wife when he was killed in an odd accident is mourned by his family. According to Michigan State Police Matt Morgrette, 31, died Sunday afternoon in the Upper Peninsula. According to the police, Morgrette was traveling down a highway when a kayak that was resting on the roof of another vehicle fell off and shattered his windshield.

While in the car with Morgrette, his wife was unharmed. The two frequented the Grateful Gnome, a sandwich cafe, and brewery in Denver’s Berkeley district. Owner of the Grateful Gnome Daniel Appell remarked, “Matt was the kindest man and just a smart child.” With Matt, “you got what you saw, and he was such a solid man.” Before becoming his friend, Morgrette, according to Appell, was his health inspector.

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“He was really rigid. didn’t do me any favors, but he did a great job, and over time we grew close “explained Appell. “We would listen to the same bands because we both love live music. Weekly, he would come in here frequently with Lara.” Appell reported that although Morgrette and his wife just relocated to Michigan, they both made the decision to remain Grateful Gnome’s mug club members.

Appell added as he started to cry, “They chose to leave their mugs here because they said they were going to come back.” I had always anticipated it, but here we are. In remembrance of Morgrette, Appell is holding a beer special this week. According to Appell, their ESB was Morgrette’s preferred draught, so 100% of the earnings from the sale of each bottle will be donated to his family.

“Just heartbreaking, really. I wish I could take care of her more. Theirs is “said Appell. “I’ve lost loved ones before, but never to this extent. Consequently, I feel for them.” The beer promotion for the Grateful Gnome will last through October 31.

Although no charges have yet been brought in connection with the accident, according to Michigan State Police, they are still looking into it. The driver may be charged with a moving infraction resulting in death if it is determined that they were operating their vehicle with insecure cargo.

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