Director Cary Fukunaga Accused Of Inappropriate Behavior

Director Cary Fukunaga Accused Of Inappropriate Behavior

Cary Fukunaga, the filmmaker, and screenwriter are accused of sexual harassment, “grooming” young actresses, and generally exploiting his film sets to seek female cast and staff members, according to a recent investigation published by Rolling Stone. Nearly a dozen sources came forward in the Rolling Stone piece to suggest that the filmmaker had regularly broken professional bounds.

The news comes after actor Rachelle Vinberg made an accusation against Fukunaga on Instagram in early May. On the set of a Samsung commercial the day after she turned 18, the two met in 2016. “I was terrified of him for years,” Vinberg writes. “Mans is a groomer who has been doing this nonsense for a long time. Women, beware.” Vinberg declined to be interviewed by Rolling Stone, but she had previously stated online that she had been diagnosed with PTSD as a result of her intimate engagement with Fukunaga.

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Hannah and Cailin Loesch, who worked with Fukunaga on Netflix’s Maniac, responded to Vinberg’s article with their own allegations, alleging they met the filmmaker when they were both 20. While in a hot tub, the Loesch sisters say they became “a simple trio of friends” with Fukunaga, but that the director wanted to have a threesome and “said incest is fine ‘if all parties are cool with it.”

Fukunaga seemed to surround himself with younger ladies, according to two individuals who worked on Maniac. One explains, “We used to call it his fan club.” “I’d think to myself, ‘Why are all these young girls continually hanging about like puppy dogs?'”

According to one lady who spoke with Rolling Stone, she met Fukunaga on the set of one of his films. “I remember feeling so relieved to be free of him as if a great weight had been removed off my shoulder and [I] could breathe again,” she added. “He made me feel like I was suffocating and claustrophobic.”

Fukunaga did not respond to Rolling Stone’s demands for comment but stated through an attorney that he “had not acted in any manner that would or should generate” the report. Michael Plonsker, his attorney, made a statement that went on to say, “There’s nothing seductive about pursuing female friendships or sexual relationships that are mutually beneficial… Despite this, you infer that he has done something wrong because it does not suit your story.”

In 2021, actor Raeden Greer said that Fukunaga fired her from Season 1 of True Detective when she was requested to perform topless in a scene even though she was not contractually bound to do so. Greer told The Daily Beast, “It was demeaning.” “And now Cary’s out here talking about his female characters—like it’s another slap in the face.” In 2014, Fukunaga won an Emmy for directing HBO’s True Detective, which starred Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. The complete Rolling Stone piece, which includes multiple further allegations from additional sources, may be found here.

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