DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone Specs Leaks And More About It

DJI teased a May 10th announcement on Thursday, saying it’s set to reveal “a twist in the tale.” Given that a YouTube video showing a DJI Mini 3 Pro and its controller being unboxed was released on the same day as DJI’s teaser, it appears plausible that the company plans to release a new drone (via DroneDJ).

YouTuber DM Productions claims in their video that they have footage of the unboxing from someone who got the unannounced DJI Mini 3 Pro drone early. The drone, with its array of obstacle avoidance sensors and controls, is shown in detail in the video.

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The controller is comparable to DJI’s existing RC Pro, with a few buttons and ports deleted, according to DM Productions. The Mini 3 Pro’s controller also lacks any antennae protruding from the top, and I’d wager that the screen isn’t as bright or clear as the one found on the $1,100 RC Pro.

It’s no small feat to have a controller with a built-in screen. The Mini 2’s version makes use of your phone. DroneDJ image. We’ve gathered a lot of information regarding this drone at this point. Last month, a leak revealed that it will still be under 250 grams (meaning it won’t be required to be registered in the United States) and would include front-facing collision avoidance sensors.

That leak also revealed specifics on the drone’s battery (which would reportedly be around 2,453mAh) and camera, which we learned more about after two merchants listed it for pre-order. The camera, gimbal, and front sensors are shown in another image from the retail leaks. DroneDJ image. The Mini 3 Pro will cost roughly $1,000, according to DroneDJ, and its camera system will be a significant upgrade over the Mini 2.

The 3 Pro is expected to include a larger sensor, a lens with a wider aperture to permit more light, and the capacity to film in 4K 60fps rather than the 30fps that the Mini 2 can do. Oh, and it should be capable of doing so in HDR, allowing you to avoid having to choose between too-bright skies and too-dark ground.

Regarding DJI’s promised “twist in the narrative,” both the retail leaks and the unboxing video say that the drone would be able to quickly flip between capturing portrait and landscape video. That’s an intriguing feature for anyone creating mobile content, and it’s amusing that DJI’s next drone will be able to shoot vertical content yet a Snapchat drone won’t.

There doesn’t appear to be much more information to leak about this drone in the short time until it’s formally announced. The announcement is set for September 10th at 9 a.m. ET, according to DJI’s website.

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