Drake Meme Rode The Viral Wave For A Decade of Success

A native of Canada, rapper, singer, and actor Aubrey Drake Graham was born on October 24, 1986. Drake, a significant character in today’s music industry, is often credited with introducing singing and R&B influences into hip hop.

Starring as Jimmy Brooks on the CTV adolescent drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001-08) brought him fame, and he used that to launch a music career with the 2006 release of his mixtape Room for Improvement. Before his deal with Young Money Entertainment in 2009, he dropped the mixtapes Comeback Season (2007) and So Far Gone (2009).

The critical and commercial success of Drake’s first three albums—Thank Me Later (2010), Take Care (2011), and Nothing Was the Same (2013)—catapulted him to the forefront of hip hop. His 2016 album Views featured dancehall-inspired tracks and were the first album by a male artist to top the Billboard 200 for 13 consecutive weeks in almost a decade. Its lead hit, “One Dance,” also set a new record for most streams of any song in the chart’s history.

Here’s a Collection Of Evergreen ‘Cat Memes’


Posting reaction images and still, shots from the music video of the Canadian hip hop artist’s 2015 hit single Hotline Bling on the imageboard site 4chan is referred to as “Drakeposting.” This practice is typically done to express one’s disdain for the thread topic or something said by another poster in a manner analogous to using the Costanza.jpg file.


The original photograph was taken from Drake’s music video for his hit R&B single “Hotline Bling,” released in 2015. In the music video, the hip-hop artist can perform various dance moves and gestures, including one in which he holds his hand up to the side of his face while making a disgusted face (shown below).

Later in 2015, the posture was extracted into a reaction image and began circulating on 4chan’s /v/ (video games) board (shown below), with its earliest documented usage as a reaction image appearing on October 31st, 2015, in a /v/ (video games) thread discussing first-person shooter games. On the other hand, the term “Drakeposting” was first used on May 4, 2015, in a /fit/ (fitness) thread to denote broad talks about the hip hop musician on 4chan.

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This trend of using Drake’s “Hotline Bling” music video screenshots for shitposting began on January 3, 2016. It spread to other 4chan communities that day, January 5, 2016, including /int/ (international), /v/ (video games), and /g/ (technology). Throughout January, February, and March of 2016, the term “drakeposting” appeared in hundreds of discussions across 4chan that were archived separately.

The “drakeposting” phenomena, which originated on 4chan imageboards but has now spread elsewhere, has sparked numerous off-topic discussions on Sheeky Forum, a 4chan-affiliated community and archive site, and Reddit’s /r/4chan subreddit. During a question and answer session on the 30th of January, TechHater of the Sheeky Forum inquired about the level of interest in “drakeposting” within the community.

Drake Meme | VideoCreek

“Drakeposting” was first stated on February 2 by Reddit user Bobbistef in response to a /r/4chan thread announcing the debut of a new exploitable meme based on the character Pacha from Disney’s 2000 animated buddy comedy film The Emperor’s New Groove. In a discussion titled “Now that Drake is officially vidya related Sheeky Forums culture, what is your favorite Drake song?,” created by user Need TLC on February 22nd, the community was asked for their favorite Drake songs.

Cat Drake

Instagram user @yisucrist posted a photoshopped version of the “Don’t Like/Like” exploitable by Drake on December 15th, 2016, with a black cat’s head superimposed on Drake’s torso. You’ll also find a cat box and toy next to the felines. A little over a year passed between the time the post (seen below) was published and the time it reached 32,000 likes.

Drake Hotline Bling Memes
Drake Hotline Bling Memes

On February 22nd, 2019 (about 14 months after the initial posting), Twitter user @DustyFotter updated the meme by adding a new cat in place of Drake’s face. Pictures of a cat’s bed and a cardboard box show that cats prefer the latter to the former. More than 12,000 people retweeted and 28,000 people liked the message in four days.

Sometime later that day, user JM-Rie contributed a variant to the /r/memes subreddit that swapped out the cardboard box for a keyboard. More than 27,000 points were awarded (92% upvotes) and 190 comments were made on the central image below. Within hours, individuals posted new versions of the meme based on additional cat characteristics (example below, right). The Daily Dot wrote about the phenomenon’s birth the next day.

Drake Hotline Bling Memes
Drake Hotline Bling Memes

This meme originates from Drake’s song “Hotline Bling” from 2015 and is commonly used to express disapproval of one thing while expressing support for another. It takes advantage of the subtle differences between the compared entities to have the most impact. Users have often changed the text inputs on the Drake “Don’t Like/Like” meme format for maximum effect.

Still, they have also increased the meme’s popularity by swapping out Drake’s image while keeping the character’s color scheme and body positioning to mimic the OG Drake image, thereby creating a meme within a meme. The word “Drakeposting” has grown to be widely used to refer to this meme.

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