Driver Killed When His Car Collided With a School Bus In Lake County

LAKE COUNTY, Florida. – The driver of a Toyota sedan was killed when his vehicle collided with a Lake County school bus early on Wednesday morning, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. At roughly 6:40 a.m., a crash occurred on US Highway 27 near Great Ecret Drive, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. To get onto US-27 northbound from Great Ecret Drive, the bus was going east on Great Ecret Drive when the accident occurred. While driving down US-27 in his Toyota, the driver was paying attention to the road ahead of him.

FHP claims the bus turned directly into the path of the Toyota. With its back end partially smashed, the school bus stood diagonally over U.S. 27. The Toyota that smashed into the bus was left several hundred feet away in a retention pond, with the driver dead. The bus was supposedly on the way to Leesburg High School. “There were no reports of injuries among the 17 pupils riding the school bus. They were transferred to a new bus and taken to school, respectively “Lt. Kim Montes, of the Florida Highway Patrol, said.

The Lake County School District says the 64-year-old bus driver, from Bushnell, hasn’t had any other accidents since the district employed him, last July. Sherri Owens, a spokeswoman for Lake County Schools, explained that the process of hiring bus drivers extends beyond simply filling out an application. The district has re-assigned the driver to other tasks, and he will not be operating buses while FHP investigates the collision. Students who were affected by the incident, they add, will have access to resources to help them cope.

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As far as the parents of students at Leesburg High School are concerned, their primary concern is their children’s safety. “It’s unsettling to think you’re not in charge of your own kids’ future out there on the road,” said Natalie Helton, parent of an LHS freshman. FHP says charges are pending against the bus driver. According to the school district, the 64-year-old driver had a spotless driving record prior to the incident.

It was reported that school bus driver 64 years of age was driving westbound on Great Egret Drive and sedan 36 years of age was driving northbound on US-27 when they collided. The school bus attempted to make a left turn, to go north onto US-27, and drove in the direct path of the automobile. The front left of the sedan struck the left rear of the school bus and, after striking, the automobile flew several hundred feet and sank in a retention pond. A coroner declared the driver deceased on the scene.


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