Dualsense Edge Release Date, Prediction, Potential Price And Specs


Get your hands on the PS5 Edge Controller if you desire PlayStation’s answer to the Xbox Elite Controller and a significant improvement over the DualSense Controller. The DualSense Edge Wireless Controller for the PS5 from Sony is a highly adaptable controller that provides a wide range of options for creating your ideal control scheme.

It might, in a way, give you an upper hand over your rivals. The PS5 Edge Controller allows users to reassign buttons, disable them entirely, and adjust the triggers’ sensitivity and extent of travel. The PS5 Edge Controller’s release date, price, specifications, features, and pre-order information are all detailed below.

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What Will Be The Dualsense Edge Controller Price?

Sony has not yet announced the retail price of the PS5 Edge Controller. As a firm that isn’t hesitant to raise the pricing of even its consoles when necessary, Sony makes it impossible to predict how they will set the price of the DualSense Edge.

We anticipate that the PS5 Edge controller will be priced similarly to the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller (£159.99 RRP). Therefore, an acceptable price range for the PS5 Edge Controller is £115–£160. We don’t know how much it’ll set you back just yet, but it will not be cheap.

Is There A Dualsense Edge Controller Pre-Order?

Pre-orders for the PS5 Edge Controller aren’t available just yet because Sony hasn’t disclosed when the swanky new controller will be released or how much it will cost. However, we know that when it is made available to the public, there will be many fun features to take advantage of.

Is There A Dualsense Edge Controller Release Date?

The PS5 DualSense Edge has not yet been given a release date. Sony has not announced when the upgraded PS5 controller will be available to the public. Sony plans to “provide further details regarding the DualSense Edge… including launch timing” in “the months ahead,” according to the company’s official announcement article. Given the preceding, it seems reasonable to anticipate the launch of the PS5 Edge Controller in 2023. Here’s hoping Sony provides additional information quickly.

Dualsense Edge Controller Specs & Features

Dualsense Edge
Dualsense Edge

The PlayStation 5 Edge Controller improves upon the conventional DualSense in several tangible ways. The full complement of enhancements is as follows:

  • Caps that can be swapped out on the sticks are included in a six-pack.
  • Toggleable rewinds.
  • Trigger lags can be adjusted (you can change how far the trigger button sticks out).
  • Modifiable controls include triggers, sticks, and vibration.
  • Stick sensitivity, trigger dead zones, and vibration strength is all freely tunable, and the controller’s modules can be swapped out if necessary. It must be bought on the side.
  • Lockable USB connector enclosure for a braided cable charger.
  • Differentiated management profiles:
    Many distinct configurations of the controls can be stored.
    You can access the controller’s built-in menu system (Fn button).
  • A convenient carrying case is included.

All these adjustments can be made instantly, right at the controller. A new user interface appears when the player presses the controller’s designated Fn (function) button, allowing quick and easy adjustments to the device’s controls. Profiles can be saved for later use, giving you a head start.

Were you considering moving on to Gran Turismo 7 instead of Demon’s Souls? The ability to switch profiles between games ensures a consistent control scheme. Finally, the best parts of the DualSense should be back. When it comes to the Edge, you can bet on haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and motion controls. We don’t know if the new controller will include better versions of these features.

Dualsense Edge: Design

The DualSense Edge looks quite similar to a regular gamepad. However, that is not a negative thing at all. There wasn’t much room for improvement with the DualSense because it’s already a well-designed, comfy pad.

The aesthetic distinctions are more pronounced. The central touchpad is a sleek matte black, and it has the PlayStation logo in the form of a square, circle, cross, and triangle. The original white d-pad and face buttons have been replaced with black ones.

There is now a glossier black finish on the bottom of the controller, where the microphone, PS button, and analog sticks are located. Sticks, triggers, and the controller’s rear appear more robust and textured for a more secure hold.

Dualsense Edge: Battery Life

The DualSense’s short battery life is its main flaw. Single-charge times often range from four to ten hours, far less than what you’d get with many rival systems’ pads.

We don’t have any complex numbers yet, but Sony should be eager to enhance the DualSense Edge’s battery life compared to the basic pad. Even if it only saves a few hours, that’s better than nothing.

Alternatively, the Elite Series 2 for Xbox has a battery life of 35-40 hours on a single charge. We don’t see how it can compete with so many extras that the Edge’s pad doesn’t have. However, we hope battery life can be extended to at least 15–20 hours.

PS5 Edge Controller Trailer

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