Dwyane Wade Restricts Daughter Zaya’s Instagram Comments

Former NBA player Dwyane Tyrone Wade Jr. was born in the United States on January 17, 1982. For most of his 16-year NBA career, Wade suited up for the Miami Heat, where he won three titles, was named to the All-NBA Team eight times, and was honored with three defensive teams All-Defensive Player of the Year awards. All-time leader in games played, points, assists, steals, made shots, and attempted attempts for Miami Heat. These days, Wade hosts the American version of The Cube.

Wade was picked by the Heat in the first round of the 2003 NBA draught after a stellar collegiate career with the Marquette Golden Eagles, during which he led his team to the 2003 NCAA championship game. In his third year with the Heat, Wade won the championship and was awarded the NBA Finals MVP in 2006. Wade was the leading scorer for the U.S. men’s basketball team (nicknamed the “Redeem Team”) that won gold at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

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Dwyane Wade Restricts Daughter Zaya’s Instagram Comments

Zaya Wade’s dad Dwyane said he disabled comments on her Instagram to shield her from online bullies. The 40-year-old former NBA player announced his plan to implement the Instagram feature on Thursday, tweeting about it in response to fans who were confused about why they were unable to leave a comment on Zaya’s profile.

“We’ve opted not to allow the hate into her remarks,” Dwyane said of his daughter Zaya, 15. I appreciate your wanting to share in and demonstrate her affection. Lots of Wade’s followers were all for his choice to retire. One user simply wrote, “PERIOD.”

And that is on making your child’s health and happiness a top priority. She has a real, stable, and loving support system at home, and we love to see that, so she doesn’t need our comments reminding her she is constantly serving in every photo she posts.

When another user saw this, they tweeted, “LOVE this protection for newborn daughter. However, I do hope she is aware that she has the backing of many people on this site.

Zaya’s stepmother Gabrielle Union and biological father Wade have been nothing but supportive when she came out as transgender in 2020. Zayn has also opened up about the challenges she’s experienced responding to hate speech and harmful beauty advice in the digital sphere.

In a May interview with Union for the Dove Self-Esteem Project, Zaya said, “As a trans person, once I came out, there was a lot of terrible remarks about how I should grow my hair out long or fit into a specific notion of femininity, even though that’s not true at all.” Don’t let that kind of advice break you.

Dwyane Wade Restricts Daughter Zaya

Union believes it is crucial that she and her husband “attempt to emphasize” the importance of “interior beauty” to Zaya. Union remarked, “You can be a stunner or ‘classically attractive person,’ but if your soul is corrupt, you are not really beautiful at all. “Character, compassion, love, acceptance, and joy are things we attempt to instill.

That, one can only hope, shines outward from the heart. We strive to emphasize that there is more than one way to be a woman and a feminine person, especially when it comes to her actions in the world.” Most importantly, Zaya says, the 49-year-old actress taught her that “not everyone in the world and in the media is going to be truthful about what you look like.”

“What they tell me isn’t gospel. Everything I need to trust is my own subjective experience and definition of beauty “The speaker continued. “I think it’s most important to work on one’s inner attractiveness,” she said.

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