Elliot Page Before And After Surgery

Elliot Page Before And After Surgery Looks

The given name Elliott can be used as a given name or a surname. Although originally only boys were given the given name, in the United States, ladies are now receiving it more frequently as well.
Due to the burning of a large portion of the Eliott clan’s genealogy after the destruction of the castle at Stobs in 1712, the origin of the Scottish surname is unknown.


The Elliot town and river in Angus, Scotland, are generally accepted as the namesake of the clan. According to some accounts, the Scottish surnames Elliott and Elliot are descended from the Elliot Scottish border clan, which is thought to be a reworking of the name Elwood.  Whatever their true lineage, the Scottish Elliots gained notoriety as cattle thieves known as Border Reivers along the Scottish-English border and became a source of contention for both administrations.

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The same thing happened earlier this year. Page, the first trans guy to grace Time magazine’s cover, opened out to the magazine about his struggle with gender identification throughout his Hollywood career.

Elliot Page After And Before Surgery
Elliot Page After And Before Surgery

In the captivating interview, Elliot revealed that he was recovering from a top surgery when he decided to come out on Instagram in the latter part of last year. This disclosure caused Google searches for the celebrity to become unpleasant to observe. Trending searches included “Elliot Page top surgery,” “Elliot page former name,” and “Elliot Page before and after.”

Any time Elliot discusses his physical appearance, his decision to undergo top surgery, which entails the surgical removal of breast tissue and reconstruction of the chest to produce a more masculine appearance, or simply posts a simple photo online, it seems to trigger a search for pictures of Elliot Page before and after surgery or the medical procedure he underwent as part of his transition.

It’s crucial to understand that being transgender is not solely about surgery; while some may decide to have it, others may think it is not required. Just like it is for a cisgender individual, gender expression is wholly personal for trans people. But for many, surgery is also out of reach or pricey, making it a very challenging aspect of managing gender identity both privately and publicly. Everyone must keep in mind that it is completely improper to inquire about a trans person’s decision to undergo surgery or any other type of medical intervention.


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Because they tap into a culture where trans people’s bodies are scrutinized and discussed in the most degrading terms, these Google searches are extremely problematic. It doesn’t matter what Elliot Page looked like before top surgery, nor what his old name was, however for there to be so much search surrounding those questions reveals some individuals still feel it does.

Because of the incredible job he has accomplished in the film industry and advocacy, Elliot ought to be seeing his name rise on Google. We should be asking about his future projects, not living in the past and comparing his body then and now – it’s disrespectful to do to anyone in general, but for trans people who are so regularly subject to debates about their mere existence, it’s disgraceful for cisgender people perpetuate this obsession with before and afters.

We can only try to educate them and beg them to have some compassion for individuals who endure harassment and abuse on a regular basis. According to research by Galop, more than half of trans persons feel less able to leave their homes as a result of the spike in trans hate crimes that was documented in 2019. With more than one in four making suicide attempts and nine out of ten considering it, more than 70 percent of trans individuals believe the police cannot assist them. Violence is a result of our society’s attitude of ignorance against transgender individuals, and this needs to change.

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