Actor Elliot Page Makes His Dating App Debut, All Thanks to His “Umbrella Academy” Co-Star!


Elliot Page, an actor, has finally made the decision to sign up for his very first dating app while we wait for a reaction to Jordan Peterson’s attacks. Elliot Page’s experience transitioning has been one of the most liberating of his life. He also played the role of Viktor Hargreeves in “Umbrella Academy” quite skillfully and sensibly.

Ritu Arya, who plays the co-star of actor Elliot Page in “The Umbrella Academy,” assisted him in signing up for his first dating app. Ritu Arya, a co-star in “The Umbrella Academy,” is assisting Canadian actor and producer Elliot Page in finding his true love.

It simply didn’t seem forced, and it appears that everything is turning out the way he had planned. Elliot Page isn’t in a relationship right now, but he’s already taking the first steps to get himself noticed. On Thursday, the 35-year-old actor made the decision to publish an Instagram story in which Ritu Arya, his co-star from “Umbrella Academy,” and he are both seen using a phone.

What Did Elliot Page Say?

Actor Elliot Page captioned the picture simply, “Ritu Arya mentoring me on my first dating app ever.” In December 2020, Page came out as a transgender man. Since then, things have been challenging, but he is doing his best to tune out the noise. Page acknowledged using the pronouns “he/they.”

Page divorced ballerina Emma Portner from whom he had previously been married. This occurred almost exactly one month after he revealed his gender identity. They had been apart since the summer of 2020, though. Portner admitted that she was quite happy for Page’s coming out.

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While all of this is going on, Elliot Page has yet to respond to the provocateur Jordan Peterson’s attacks. He specifically mentioned the actor by name and referred to his surgical breast reduction as a crime. Peterson, who was expelled from Twitter for his comments, has previously indicated he would rather die than retract them.

Page is unlikely to respond since he avoids interacting with those who wish him harm in any way. Netflix has already made the decision to renew “Umbrella Academy” for a fourth season, which will feature Elliot Page in his new role as Viktor Hargreeves.

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