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In the next season of Emily in Paris on Netflix, Emily and her Parisian antics will return. We are fortunate to have not only season 3 of Emily in Paris on the horizon but also season 4!

Shortly after the December 2021 debut of Season 2 on Netflix, the show was renewed for a third and fourth season the following January. Popular with viewers but not critics, the romantic comedy has still been a success on the small screen.

Season 4 of Emily in Paris is getting closer to being confirmed as more details about seasons 3 and 4 emerge. Everything we know thus far, including the status of filming, a potential premiere date, and the possibility that Season 4 will be the last, is detailed below.

Emily In Paris Season 4 Premiere Date

The first season of Emily in Paris premiered in October 2020, and the second season followed in December of that same year. Based on that schedule, we anticipate that season 3 will debut in either late 2022 or early 2023, which means that season 4 of Emily in Paris will debut in mid to late 2023.

Season 4 should be finished filming by the time season 3 is made available on Netflix because the seasons are being shot back-to-back. As a result, the wait time might be considerably reduced, though five months for post-production should still be anticipated.

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Emily in Paris Season 4: What’s Going to Happen?

Star The actress Lily Collins has revealed she has no idea what Emily will accomplish in her career or personal life. I think Emily is completely floored by Sylvie’s invitation to join them. And then, she told Elle, “she’s found this friendship with Alfie, and maybe she’d want to go to London. “You can get there in less than three hours on the Eurostar. So, I’m not sure. Both of those things, taken together, sound like a lot of fun to me. Can both exist in the same universe? You have no idea. Emily’s world is one where anything can happen.

Meanwhile, showrunner Darren Star revealed to Entertainment Tonight his plans to incorporate more of Emily’s life in the United States. “What we really haven’t seen,” Darren said, “is how Emily is in relation to those that she’s left behind and how being an expatriate for a longer amount of time impacts her relationship with her home.” He said that he would “maybe” include her parents in the story.

Perhaps in Season 3, though. Is there really going to be a Season 4? A new season? We will have to wait and see what happens. However, rest assured that Emily in Paris will return for a total of two more seasons. Estimate the likelihood that Emily will be in Paris and place your bets.

Emily In Paris Season 4 Cast

Lucien Laviscount was made a series regular in the third season, and the rest of the main cast from the first and second seasons came back. Assuming that the main cast of Emily in Paris will stay the same after the third season, here is who they are:

  • Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins
  • Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie
  • As Mindy Chen, Ashley Park
  • Lucas Bravo as Gabriel
  • Samuel Arnold as Julien Bruno Gouery as Luc
  • Camille Razat plays Camille
  • William Abadie as Antoine Lambert
  • Alfie, played by Lucien Laviscount

Also, new recurring or supporting characters could be introduced in season 3 that will stick around for season 4. During the next two seasons, Kate Walsh is sure to show up again at some point. We’ll make sure to share casting news as it comes in.

Emily In Paris Season 4: Where to Watch

The first and second seasons of Emily in Paris can be watched on Netflix.

Emily In Paris Season 4: Trailer

It is way too soon to start looking for any footage from the upcoming fourth season. You shouldn’t expect to learn anything significant about the fourth season until 2023 at the earliest.

Final Words

The first season of Emily in Paris came out in October 2020, and the second came out in December 2020. Based on this schedule, we think that season 3 will start airing either at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. This means that season 4 of Emily in Paris will start airing in the middle or end of 2023. What do you think about this, share your views in our comment section, and don’t forget to visit lakecountyfloridanews.com for future Updates and News.


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